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MIKE: Welcome back to Wheeler Dealers, the
show that's crazy about classics, and even crazier about finding a profit in them. I
bought a Type 40 TARDIS for a right steal. It's time to get it back to the workshop and
see what Edd thinks. I got us a TARDIS!
EDD: So you did! It's looking pretty good, but why a police box?
MIKE: Well, it's got a bit of a problem with the chameleon circuit.
EDD: Are you kidding me? MIKE: t's not bad, is it?
EDD: It's huge! That could cost us a fortune! MIKE: Have a look inside.
EDD: That's a lovely, tidy interior. Let's try to keep that original.
And diagnostics are pretty solid. I'm not sure what to make of the navigation
system, though. This is more a museum piece than a motor!
MIKE: Edd. It'll be a morning's work. I have faith in you.
MIKE: It's been a few short moments for me, and a few long weeks for Edd. There's a bit
more gray in his hair, but our Type 40 is sorted.
We had to shelve the chameleon circuit replacement. It may still look like a 60's police box,
but Edd sorted the dodgy nav, and he's got it running quiet as a whisper. Best of all,
we're under budget! EDD: I had some real doubts, Mike. Fresh mercury
for the fluid links was all the navigation system needed and a rebuilt time rotor has
done wonders for performance. It feels really together, really confident. I'm well chuffed
about what I could achieve. MIKE: And achieve you did! I reckon there's
a marketplace and we will sell this one. I've advertised our Type 40 on a specialist
website. First on the phone was this guy, and he seems to know his stuff.
So you've looked it over, put your hands to the controls, what do you think?
DOCTOR: I've been planning a vacation with my granddaughter to 1963, and this just may
be the thing. Yes. This just may be the thing. MIKE: So we have a deal?
DOCTOR: We have a deal.
EDD: Did he just leave without releasing the handbrake?
ANNOUNCER: Tune in next Saturday when Mike
brings a 1973 Alien to the workshop. But will Edd be able to turn this sow's ear into a
silk purse, and will Mike find a profit?


翻新中古車 (Wheeler Dealers Lost Episode Recon: Type 40)

444 分類 收藏
Andy Tsay 發佈於 2017 年 2 月 5 日
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