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  • IT’s Perspective on Tableau

  • Doug Rausch, Mercer, Manager of CRM & BMI Product Teams: As an IT group we're much more

  • agile. Charles Boicey, UC Irvine Medical Center,

  • Informatics Solutions Architect: From an IT perspective we've put the -- we can put the

  • tool where it belongs, in the hands of the folks that use the data and know the data.

  • Paul Lilford, UnitedHealthcare, Director of EPM and BI: It's one of the most impressive

  • ROI messages I think you can find with any software. And since we own everything, we

  • have a lot of comparison points of, you know, what's good ROI or not.

  • Easy to implement

  • Doug: Tableau is simple to deploy. That’s a huge benefit.

  • Paul: The beauty of it is it's not that complicated. Their server-side interface is as easy as

  • their desktop interface. Charles: So, Tableau as far as an implementation

  • perspective, it's -- it's really from an IT perspective it's -- it's training only. I

  • mean, what do you have to do? You have to, you know, download something on a -- a desktop,

  • click an icon, put in a -- a key, and you're done; that's your implementation.

  • Doug: We have other products in-house that take a team of people to understand the nuances,

  • get it installed, upgrade it, and migrate content. With Tableau it's really been so

  • easy to use, it's been so easy to upgrade. And so it's such -- it's such a -- a lower

  • cost of ownership for us. Charles: We can do an upgrade in about 10

  • minutes, and there are very few applications out there that you can say that about. So,

  • I mean, as far as maintenance there really is no maintenance.

  • Paul: I spend less than an hour a month maintaining the environment that supports 1400 users.

  • I have no help desk calls on it. The only call I get is "I want another license.”

  • Provide self-service business intelligence

  • Paul: I like the fact that it empowers the business user to do business analytics.

  • Charles: The folks that collect the data, that know the data, that own the data, are

  • then developing their own visualizations, their own reports, outside of the space of

  • the IT department. Doug: Our analysts can pick it up within a

  • couple hours. Our end users can pick it up within 10 or 15 minutes.

  • Paul: The biggest thing Tableau did for us was it changed the paradigm that people had

  • with looking at business intelligence and how you get to quick analytics. It took them

  • away from thinking about how you accomplish it and focused them on looking at the business

  • question to get them there. Charles: You know, you can't -- you can't

  • lose here. This is a -- this is a win-win for everybody. I look better and our team

  • looks better. IT is, you know, becomes superstars.

IT’s Perspective on Tableau


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IT對Tableau的看法 (IT's Perspective on Tableau)

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