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hello! hello! hello everybody and welcome to Learn English Live 15
English conversation skills
2013 is just whizzing by and your student questions keep coming in
Today I've got student questions from
India, Vietnam and Turkey
Let's take a listen
Hello Vya! I heard that there was a huge blackout in India a while ago.
I remember that when we were kids here in Canada,
if the power went off, we used to go yay!
let's light some candles
no school
nowadays it would be more like
ah man! my tablet's almost dead!
oh my God! My cell phone's almost dead.
how am I gonna recharge this thing?
All kidding aside Vya
I sensed a certain urgency in your question
and I am more than happy to share some of my experience
my teaching experience
that I have with advanced speakers of English
including English teachers
So Vya, take heart, you're not alone!
I really recommend that you start recording yourself
and play it back, and analyse what you are saying when you're talking in English
Here are a few examples of mistakes that Indians might make when they're speaking
A lot and many mean the same thing
so try to eliminate redundancies in your speaking
Here's another
don't forget your articles
the new iPad and a couple of months
Also, It should be passive
the iPad can't release itself
So to finish off here Vya
I understand that India and so many other countries
take for example, shopping center and call it shopping
I'm going to the shopping X
your outfit is so fashion X
They are dialects of English and man it's addictive
Put me in a room full of non-native English speakers for a few weeks
and I might end up saying "there's a lot many kinds of English" X
"your hairs are so beautiful". X
OK,my next question is from Tam Vietnam or Tom from Vietnam
Is there anyway to understand or to ask the conversation with the foreigner, if we cannot hear all the word clearlys? Thank you!
So to sum up TAM, try to remember
You have got to: formal; you gotta: informal
make them: formal; make'em: informal
talking: formal; talkin': informal
BBC/CNN: what are you doing?
familiar: Waddar you/ya doing?
street talk: Watchya doing?
Anyways everybody I enjoyed doing this video
I know we're all swimming in a huge ocean of information
and sometimes we feel that there's a huge current
pulling us in the wrong direction
But hopefully my tips here can help you to swim to safer shores
Bye for now! Later alligator!


如何把英文說的更快更好 - How to speak faster in English

75958 分類 收藏
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