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  • hello! hello! hello everybody and welcome to Learn English Live 15

  • English conversation skills

  • 2013 is just whizzing by and your student questions keep coming in

  • Today I've got student questions from

  • India, Vietnam and Turkey

  • Let's take a listen

  • Hello Vya! I heard that there was a huge blackout in India a while ago.

  • I remember that when we were kids here in Canada,

  • if the power went off, we used to go yay!

  • let's light some candles

  • no school

  • nowadays it would be more like

  • ah man! my tablet's almost dead!

  • oh my God! My cell phone's almost dead.

  • how am I gonna recharge this thing?

  • All kidding aside Vya

  • I sensed a certain urgency in your question

  • and I am more than happy to share some of my experience

  • my teaching experience

  • that I have with advanced speakers of English

  • including English teachers

  • So Vya, take heart, you're not alone!

  • I really recommend that you start recording yourself

  • and play it back, and analyse what you are saying when you're talking in English

  • Here are a few examples of mistakes that Indians might make when they're speaking

  • A lot and many mean the same thing

  • so try to eliminate redundancies in your speaking

  • Here's another

  • don't forget your articles

  • the new iPad and a couple of months

  • Also, It should be passive

  • the iPad can't release itself

  • yet!

  • So to finish off here Vya

  • I understand that India and so many other countries

  • take for example, shopping center and call it shopping

  • I'm going to the shopping X

  • your outfit is so fashion X

  • They are dialects of English and man it's addictive

  • Put me in a room full of non-native English speakers for a few weeks

  • and I might end up saying "there's a lot many kinds of English" X

  • "your hairs are so beautiful". X

  • OK,my next question is from Tam Vietnam or Tom from Vietnam

  • Is there anyway to understand or to ask the conversation with the foreigner, if we cannot hear all the word clearlys? Thank you!

  • So to sum up TAM, try to remember

  • You have got to: formal; you gotta: informal

  • make them: formal; make'em: informal

  • talking: formal; talkin': informal

  • BBC/CNN: what are you doing?

  • familiar: Waddar you/ya doing?

  • street talk: Watchya doing?

  • Anyways everybody I enjoyed doing this video

  • I know we're all swimming in a huge ocean of information

  • and sometimes we feel that there's a huge current

  • pulling us in the wrong direction

  • But hopefully my tips here can help you to swim to safer shores

  • Bye for now! Later alligator!

hello! hello! hello everybody and welcome to Learn English Live 15


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