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  • You will need polymorph plastic

  • Start by heating water to 62°C or 143 Fahrenheit

  • Pour the polymorph plastic pellets into the water and wait until transparent

  • The plastic hardens when it cools down, if it gets too hard to work with just reheat it

  • When it clears up just scoop it up, be careful it’s hot

  • Cut a small piece off, and dye it with food colouring for the gums

  • Ellis piece cooled down too much so she had to reheat it

  • Split the piece in two, leave one in the water

  • Use the other one to make a tiny sausage

  • Dry your teeth and place it over your teeth, make sure it sits properly

  • Wait a few minutes to let it set properly

  • Take it out, it’s okay if it’s still a little soft

  • You can trim off some excess pieces if you like

  • Now we make teeth with the clear plastic

  • Shape your teeth, use scissors to get them really sharp

  • Make them any size you want but not too long or they will hurt when you put them on

  • For comfort and look this is a good length

  • Now make a lot of teeth and use superglue to glue the teeth to the gum

  • Youre going to be using a superglue but not any superglue

  • It needs to have a special active ingredient Cyanoacrylate

  • It’s perfectly safe when it’s dry

  • We checked this with the swedish Poison Information Centre

  • It’s safe to use only if you let it dry properly before you put it in your mouth

  • If youre too young you shouldn’t be doing this at all so ask for help

  • Be very careful with superglue, or youll be stuck forever

  • Just take your time and this will go easy

  • Let the cyanoacrylate set, then put them in to try them on

  • Make sure it fits comfortably

  • Time for the other gum piece

  • Roll it up like we did with the other one

  • Press it over the teeth row to cover the edges of the teeth

  • To really get it in between the teeth we use tweezers

  • Check to see if it really fits when it’s all there before you glue it

  • Take it off and glue it in place on the fake gum

  • Cut off some excess stuff and look at that

  • Paint the teeth with tooth enamel

  • Paint these how you want, we want ours a bit rotten

  • Finish it off with clear nailpolish

  • Help us out by spreading our video all over the internet

You will need polymorph plastic


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B1 中級 美國腔

如何在30分鐘內打造假牙 (How to create fake teeth in 30 minutes)

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