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- Pumpkin spice latte is like your everyday drink,
and this is like, let your freak flag fly.
(techno music)
Social media, what do you like to post?
- Food. - Food.
And the best type of food is stuff that's original.
(pop music)
Oh my God, look at this!
- Look at this nugget,
it's so cute! - That's so cute.
- For some reason, I was expecting
a big-ass waffle cone. - Me, too.
- They look a little small.
I'm a big guy.
I need a lotta caffeine to get me going.
- I think they do have some that are big.
- What is this for?
- No, the wrapper is so you - No thank you.
- don't make a mess.
- I'm not gonna make a mess.
- I was afraid it would be too soggy.
- I smell dark chocolate.
- [Man In Gray Shirt] Like a little cappuccino in there.
It's got foam on top.
- It looks like a coffee souffle in a cone.
- Who would not want to Instagram this?
- It's very grammable.
(camera shutter clicks)
- Pinkies up.
- Pinkies out, just because
I can't even get my pinky on there if I wanted to.
- To you. - To you.
- Ooh, that coffee is bitter.
- Well I mean, it is espresso.
- That's true.
- I have a very low caffeine tolerance, so I'm just like.
- Espresso yourself, guys.
- (laughs) Espresso yourself.
- The more you drink it the sweeter it gets
'cause all the chocolate is at the bottom.
- Is it time for the crunch?
It's time for the crunch. - It's time for the crunch.
- Oh my gosh!
- Mm, mm.
- It has the layer of hard chocolate,
and once you put the coffee in, it softens it up.
So you drink the coffee
and you have a little bit of chocolate in there,
and then once you bite, it's warm and smooth.
- Ooh, I wonder if there's chocolate bottom in them.
- Espresso that's just mixed really well with the chocolate
and it's just get all warm and gooey
and it's just like (mumbles).
- I would very much like a big cup of this.
- I got another way to eat your coffee cone.
- You have to finish drinking it before you take a bite
otherwise you're gonna be in a whole heap of trouble.
- Oh yeah, you're right.
(dramatic instrumental music)
- That was a goddamn nightmare.
- This is a really gourmet dish.
- Indeed, it's not for the plebeian's pallet.
- I lost all the good coffee there.
- Don't, oh my.
- Tasty.
- I don't think you need any more caffeine.
- I'm gonna be hyper all night.
- Oh, it's melted chocolate at the bottom.
Oh, that is so cool
- The last bite is the best bite.
- There's a little drip.
You see that?
Oh, did you get that?
- It's amazing, 'cause you have
that layer of the bitter coffee
and then the really melted chocolate and the crunchy cone.
Fabulous, darling.
- Do I have chocolate on my face.
- Yeah. - Yep.
- Step one, Instagram it.
Step two, get a napkin 'cause it'll be all over your face.
♫ Coffee cones are yummy
♫ They are so delicious
♫ Robin hates me for singing
♫ But he enjoyed his too
- Eat a coffee cone today.
(upbeat music)


第一次嘗試可愛Coffee Cone (People Try The Coffee Cone For The First Time)

203 分類 收藏
徐慧晶 發佈於 2017 年 1 月 24 日
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