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Hello! It's me. Today we are talking New Year's resolutions
Every year the story goes something like that. After Christmas I get kind of depressed. We
start prepping for Christmas already in November. Some even in October, not me though.
we make all this decorations put up Christmas trees , buy presents a lot of work goes into this
We're so excited and we have all these high hopes! Then Christmas comes and
what happens? We open presents! And then? We're happy! Until you realize it's over,
two – three months went into this and it's gone. Bye! You have to wait an entire year
What's wrong mon cheri? It's everything, my life's a mess, Christmas
is over, school starts soon and I hate it, I have no friends, no boyfriend. I'm so sad.
Oh sweetheart, look, it's a New Year tomorrow, make some goals for yourself – It's a perfect
time for change. Start working out, get a boyfriend, study, eat healthy. Make this a
perfect year! And so we step in the New Year with sparkles in our eyes and full of high hopes
Oh my god!! im so excited, ten seconds until my new life woohoo 3, 2, 1 WOOHOO!! New Year! Yay!
But what really happens after New Year?! Here are my typical New Year's resolutions and
how they end up!
Waking up early. If I wake up early I can do so many things before the day even starts.
I can be much more productive. I will start my days all happy and positive. Day one.
Day two.
One hour later...
Back to reality!
But do you know why is it so difficult to wake up early? Why? Because I always go to
bed too late! This is how my energy level looks during the day.
I give up.
Eating Healthy. In the new year no more junk food. I am gonna
treat my body well! I'm only going to eat healthy, nutritious food. Vitamins, fiber,
omega 3. We're gonna be BFFs. Day one.
Day two.
I'm so sick of this salad.
Day three
I guess we are just meant to be!
Saving money. Life isn't easy these days. Really? My grandma says the opposite.
Don't listen to her. Every two months there are new smart phones,
tablets, things you absolutely need to have, places you totally need to visit. But you are broke
So what do you do? You ask mom! Forget that! She's going to say. Oh darling
you don't need these things, when I was your age..Told you - just don't bother.
So what you do? You save money. It starts promising.
But ends up quickly.
And your savings are gone. But the worst is that you still say I got absolutely nothing
to wear.
Working out. Especially if you visit your mom or your grandma
you put up a few kilos over the holidays.
Hey mom, merry Christmas!
Oh! Sweetie you're so skinny, luckily I made you an apple pie. No thanks, I ate before
I came here, maybe later. But it's your favorite, just a tiny little piece. Ok, really tiny,
I am trying to eat healthy. Here you go sweety. AAAAA! It really doesn't really matter how
much you weigh. But toned bodies are in. Boys, girls – we
all gotta have muscles. HAH! Everyone around us is working out so it's time to join the crowd
Week one.
Week two
Right, time to do the workout. Siri, what's the temperature outside?
Brrr, it's one degree Celsius outside. Brrr, that's way too cold to go out.
Story of my life.
Studing. You're always studying like crazy one day
before the exam. No sleeping, no eating, just studying to death
and you say to yourself. Next year I am going to study regularly from the beginning of the school
year. Haha who are you kidding? Nobody! This is gonna be me! Who are you kidding? Nobody!
This is gonna be me! Monday! Interesting. Tuesday! I love this
sound. Wednesday! Thursday! Friday! Saturday! Sunday!
But when school starts the reality
looks something like this. Monday! Tuesday! Wednesday! Thursday! Friday!
Saturday! Sunday! Aaaaa!
Improving style. I love comfy outfits. But comfy clothes are
not always the most chic and fierce. We see tall these amazing outfits on instagram
and blogs where girls seem to live that glam Hollywood life.
And we want that life too!
So every year I say. No more flanels, no more hoodies. You are not a ten girl. Dress like
a lady! So I try!
And I forget I live in Norway.
So the next day, I'm back to usual.
Being more organized When my room is a mess I feel like my life
is a mess too. So I like to tidy and clean my room once a week – every Saturday. You
go girl, good job. But I don't know why out of the seven days in a week my room is tidy
only that one day – on Saturday. So I always say to myself, this year I'll
keep my room clean every day. The first Saturday morning in the year I start
cleaning my room and I think: from now on I will make my bed every day, no piles of
clothes on the floor, when I stop using something, I will put it right back on it's place. A
few hours later. Ahh I love my clean room. Hi! Cinema tonight? Ok, pick me up in 15 minutes.
Yeah, bye!
I give up!
Forget ex and move on I am in a happy relationship, but I guess
we've all been there at some point. You have a crush but he's acting like a real
fool and you don't know where you stand. Are we together? No? Yes? Who is she then?
Ah forget it.. So on the New Year's eve you decide that's it! I'm done! I'm gonna do what
I should have long ago – move on.
I hate you!
I mean what was I thinking. A few minutes
after midnight. OMG he loves me! And there was a kiss! Oh no I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry. Aaaah...
There we go again!
Be more spontaneous As we step in the new year I like to reflect
on the things that have happened in the past 12 months. What memories have I made that
I can take with me for life? How many crazy parties when you eat breakfast in last night's
dress? How many unforgettable road trips with best friends? How many evenings in bed eating
pop corn and watching Netflix? Hurray! Sad if you think of it that way.
So you decide to change that. Next year I'm going to be adventurous. I'm going to go all
out. I'm going to make new friends and I'm going to try new things. Yeah!
Hi! Party tonight? No, why tonight, I really wanna watch the last episode of Vikings, and
If I go out I have to do make up, and dress up... Yeah I am here you know I'm writing an
essay right now, yeah I have it until tomorrow. I know, it sucks. Okay, have fun, yeah, bye!
I can go out next time.
Take time for your loved ones In the world of all these smart phones, tablets
and social media, we feel like we need to be informed about absolutely everything our
friends, ex boyfriends, Taylor Swift, Sara Beauty Corner are up to.
So we spend hours scrolling facebook and instagram and we forget to take time for our friends
in real life. You know actually talking, not sending snapchats. Yeah let's change that!
Spending time with friends is always so much fun, we can tell stories, play board games.
I am going to invite my friends over!
Hi! so good to see you, come on in. Hello, thanks
for having us. It's been a long time.
One hour later.
Shall we play some board games?
Awkward. Whatever.
What are your resolutions this year? Let me know down below! Mine is: Upload videos more
frequently, how would you like that? Hope you guys liked the video, don't forget
to give it some love and subscribe if you are new to my channel. Thank you so much for
watching, I wish you all the best in the New Year and will talk to you soon! Bye! Bloopers...
Work out, work out!
Work out people!
Carrots are healthy!
Who cares
Typical... Boo!
Oh Sweetheart, it's a new year tomorrow, make some goals for yourself
it's a perfect time for a change...


理想與現實-GOALS - New Year's Resolutions! (Expectations vs Reality - GOALS - New Year's Resolutions!)

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