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What does your Asian name mean?
My Japanese name, Takeo.
Uh, that's my Korean name, Jung Woo-Kyung
It's pronounced, Lin, Wei.
Hung, yi-yun.
Here's my last name, Kang. First name is Shin Hyung.
The two together mean "bright presents".
"Take" means "warrior", and "o" is like a suffix, that sort of denotes "dude",
so it means "warrior dude".
"Kyung" means "a friend from the city".
"Shin" means "trust".
I was born in the city, I guess. So I am literally a friend from the city.
This is two wood characters put together.
It basically has like, the meaning of a forest.
This first character stands for steadfastness and perseverance.
And then this second character is the second half of the word "music".
My dad faced all this racism after being in a concentration camp,
There's a lot of strength and a lot of fight in my blood.
One thing I do know for sure is that my grandmother gave me this name,
so I can become a someone who can be trustworthy.
My older sister and I have the same first character,
but her's is the other half of music.
Which is pretty cool, cause my sister and I actually turned out to be fairly musical people.
The number of strokes signifies the elemental properties of your name.
My name had a lot of like, water element to it.
She needed to use fire to balance it out.
I think that most of them I get it from my mom,
because she's a single lady, because my dad passed away when I was really young.
She literally raised me and my older brother by herself.
The meaning "bright being", that's what my parents were hoping I'd become,
and it's exactly what I grew into.
I'm glad that I have a Japanese name,
and I think every time I write my name, it's a reminder of all that strength.
For a long time, I kinda like to pretend that I didn't have a Chinese name, and that I just never had a middle name.
This is a part of my identity.
This is part of who I am.
And it's been with me since birth.
I'm Rachel, and I'm a Korean American.
I'm Nicki, and I'm Singaporean Chinese American.
I'm Maggie and I'm Korean American.
I'm Chris and I'm Taiwanese Cantonese American.
I'm Evan, and I'm Korean American.
My name is Sean, and I'm a Japanese American.
What does your Asian name mean?
I was almost named Philip.


外國人常常忍不住好奇:你的亞洲名字意義是什麼呢? (What Does Your Asian Name Mean?)

38906 分類 收藏
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