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  • Good morning!

  • How about a quick

  • Word of the Day with Lance Conrad

  • before you get started on that quarterly report, eh?

  • our word today is anticlimactic:

  • Not leading to where you thought it was,

  • kind of a letdown; insignificant after big build-up

  • Sir Isaac Newton

  • one of the greatest

  • scientific and mathematical minds of all time,

  • actually represented cambridge at Parliament.

  • However, he didn't actually have

  • much interest in anything;

  • so, while people respected his opinion---

  • even revered him, personally;

  • he never actually said anything . . .

  • Except once.

  • So, you can imagine the anticipation

  • people felt when Newton finally stood to speak.

  • The second he did everyone fell completely silent;

  • waiting to hear what was so important

  • that the great Sir. Newton would break his long silence.

  • You can imagine how anticlimactic it must have been

  • for them

  • When the scientists used

  • his one moment of speaking in parliament

  • to inform them

  • that a window was open, was letting in a draft,

  • and could someone please close it?

  • He then sat down and never spoke in Parliament again.

  • Thanks for watching!

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  • Susan. . .

Good morning!


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Anticlimactic--蘭斯-康拉德的 "每日一詞"。 (Anticlimactic - Word of The Day with Lance Conrad)

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