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  • WiSee is a noval gesture recognition system that enables whole home gesture sensing and

  • recognition using wireless signals, it enables a user to perform gestures not only in front

  • of a computer or a TV but anywhere in the home.

  • WiSee works by leveraging wireless signals like those from wifi enabled devices around

  • us. the signals reflected off from the human body can be analyzed to detect human motions,

  • however, the signal received is broadband, making it difficult to sense subtle changes.

  • our algorithms tranform this signal into a number of very narrowband peaks of 2Hz, allowing

  • Wisee to detect changes in the signal on the order of 10Hz.

  • For example, when a user moves their arm, it causes change of 10-20 hz in the signal,

  • which wisee can detect.

  • In a environment with multiple people, wisee can lock onto a single user using multiple

  • antennas.

  • In this prototype implementation, we can see signal change in realtime as the user moves

  • his hand.

  • By analyzing the variations of this signal over time, we can enable complex full body

  • gestures that go beyond just hand motion. In this example, the user performs punching

  • and arm swinging gestures, each of which produces a distinct pattern. By applying machine learning

  • to these patterns, WiSee can detect what gestures are performed.

  • This sensing capability extends to the entire environment and not just in proxmity to the

  • wisee sensing device.

  • In a home setting, we envision WiSee to be easy to install as simply plugging in a wireless

  • router since our software could be built into it. Any wireless devices in a home, like a

  • phone or a laptop could be used as a signal source.

  • WiSee could then enable a number of exciting applications. For instance, a user could control

  • the music with a simple gesture. Similarly other devices could be controlled across the

  • room. This can extend beyond home entertainment devices to home automation, for instance,

  • controlling heating or cooling.

  • Since WiSee does not require the user to carry or be in line of sight of a sensor, we belive

  • WiSee could enable truly ubiqutous gesture interaction in the home.

WiSee is a noval gesture recognition system that enables whole home gesture sensing and


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WiSee:Wi-Fi信號使整個家庭的手勢識別成為可能 (WiSee: Wi-Fi signals enable gesture recognition throughout entire home)

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