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This is the kind of video where it might seem like I'm calling someone out..
Just no, alright?
Deep down I.. don't care!
Everyone just loves to create drama behind the scene-
"Oh he's talking about this guy..
Or this girl.."
I don't- I don't care!
Ok, I'm just..
I don't!
This video is gonna be a little different..
It's gonna be about forced positivity...
Let's just.. let's just get this out there
to make it less awkward, ok?
I struggled with happiness..
I think we all do.. and i don't think a lotta people talk about it
There's no in between!
I think it's either you're happy or you're depressed!
But what if you're just fine?
They ask you how you are and you say you're fine
but you're not really fine becau-
You can't get into it they would never understand.
I would say I'm in a.. in betweener..
You know?
If someone asks: - "Hey Poodiepie, how you doing?" - I'm fine..
I'm fucking fine..
This is a little awkward.. I-
These honest videos I- I can't..
I can't!
I mean.. okay Put it this way:
There's times where I feel really happy,
but it- at that time I also know this is temporary..
If I'm gonna go back to just fine.
And there's times where I- I feel unhappy!
And I know it's..
it's gonna go back to normal.
That's just.. maybe that's just my personal chemistry
and how it works in my brain
cuz that would just be INSANE!
I don't think anyone is constantly happy.
That I-
And if that's the case, well I don't..
I don't wanna know you! [ CHUCKLE ]
I don't think that's a good thing!
I don't think been happy all the time is something desirable AT ALL!
Now if you watch my older videos, I might seem a lot happier
I might seem a lot chipper, a lot more positive..
and that's because..
I faked it!
I thought that..
for people to wanna wacth my videos,
I would have to be happy.
I would have to force positivity..
And uhmm-
I think it's safe to say it worked!
I think a lotta people on YouTube are drawn to..
positivity and..
I think a lot of YouTubers are aware of this..
And that's why they're forcing positivity on YouTube!
But, the thing that I realized after doing YouTube for two years..
Forcing positivity..
it's fucking exhausting!
There were times where I recorded myself playing videogames
absolutely hating the game..
and just forcing that I would enjoy it!
Just pretending that I'm having fun!
Pretending that this game that I'm playing
isn't actually a piece of SHIT!
But people bought it!
You know? People love my old videos and I think people still f- feel..
a lot of anger towards me that I'm- I-
What would happen was that I would play the game and be like:
"YEAHH! Good game! [ BURP ]
In minutes as I hit the stop recording button..
I would just be.. in a shitty mood!
You know? Because if..
I didn't have fun at all!
And you might think: "Well.. it's his job to make videos!
If he have to fake.. fake it
he should just do it!
Because I wanna see him play Happy Wheels!"
To some extent.. I think you're right!
But I- also what I realized was that
it's soul crushing!
It's extremely soul crushing to do that!
To keep that up for a longer time!
And I realized that if I'm gonna keep making videos
I'm just gonna have to be more honest!
And say: "Well, this is shit.. I'm not gonna play it!"
Or at least make that the entertainment;
the fact that the game is shit.
Which does'nt always work, you know..
"Bear Simulator"
But it makes me happier and less-
and it makes me hate myself less so..
Hey.. what can- what can you do?
Something that I've learned now..
after a couple of years is that
Forced positivity is something that I really..
Seeing these positive quotes..
I hate 'em!
I mean I practically wrote a book on-
on parodying them..
And when I see other
other people
other YouTubers.. forcing positivity
It's so transparent to me what they're doing!
It doesn't bother me that- the fact that people are doing it.
I think it's just knowing why they're doing it!
They're forcing positivity..
to get views on YouTube!
And that..
If you think about that..
That's pretty fucked up!
I think a lot of teens are watching YouTube and I think..
We all know what it's like to be a teenager
It's a tough period for fucking everyone!
And as a teenager you're drawn to
watching someone else being positive,
as a fly to- to light pretty much.
And I know what you're thinking
Well.. if other people are watching someone else being positive
whether it's fake or not
if it makes them happier..
Well, then there's no harm in that, right??
I think- I-
Don't get me wrong though! I think there's people on YouTube that are
genuinely just positive people!
And there's nothing wrong with that!
But kind of like, when you make it part of your merchandise..
it kinda changes things, doesn't it?
The "Smile More" store..
'Cause if you're fat.. fuck your happiness!
You know, there's countless examples..
And like I said.. I'm not trying to call anyone out..
I'm just showing you an example!
I think the reason why it bothers me so much, it becau-
it's because it's fake! It's just clearly fake!
You're forcing positivity.. it's not real!
Maybe like- it's a- it might be just a pesonal thing
but I value honesty
more.. than- than.. uhmm..
I don't know.. happiness I guess..
I know I would feel better thinking:
"Oh when I die.. I'm gonna go to heaven,
and I'm gonna see- it's gonna be awesome!
I'm gonna see all my dead pets..
I haven't seen dead hamster in so long..
But I- And I would feel better knowing that!
I would feel better not knowing that
the universe is..
But that wouldn't be honest!
It would make me happier.. but it wouldn't be honest!
And I think that's more important.
But seeing YouTubers force positivity..
It doesn't just bother me for their dishonesty..
It bothers me because preying on people that who are alreay weak
To get views on YouTube..
I don't like that!
You might be fine with it, but..
I think- I think it's stupid!
I think it's dumb
And I think it's doing more harm than good!
"A Harvard psychologist explains why forcing positive thinking won't make you happy"
Hey.. how about that..
Someone wayyy smarter than me said it..
Cause I- I know this video is gonna be met with- with
with people critiquing me saying: "What's wrong with being happy.. Pewdiepie?
You've got a problem?"
It's not like-
It's just.. every fucking movie ever
is: You gotta be happy!
That's the end goal! And if you're not happy.. THEN FUCK YOUR LIFE!
Okay.. let me just read this one part:
"A lot of our cultural dialogue is fundamentally avoidant, so people will just say things like, 'just be positive and things will be fine.' 'The tyranny of positivity.' was what a friend of mine called it. She recently died of cancer, and what she meant was if being in remission was just a matter of positive thinking, then all of her friends in her breast cancer support group would be alive today"
That's dark..
“By sending out the message that our thoughts are responsible for creating our health, well-being and reality, we are overvaluing the power of our thoughts, while making people feel culpable when something bad happens to them. They fell it as because they weren't positive enough.”
They feel it is because they weren't positive enough..
So forcing positive thinking..
Is not.. so great! Is it?
“We must have some practice dealing with the bad emotions when we caught off guard.”
.. And forcing strongly on happiness..
is just gonna us less resilient..
it's what they're saying.
The last point.. I feel really strongly about..
Which is.. and is- it's the same for this part-
It made me really glad that I read this from someone else for the first time..
“Emotions like sadness, guilt, grief and anger are beacons for our values. We don't get angry about stuff we don't care about. We don't feel sad or guilty about stuff we don't care about. If we push these emotions away, we are choosing not the learn about ourselves. We are choosing to ignore our values and what is important to us. And when we tell ourselves to 'think positive' and push negative or difficult emotions aside, it won't work.”
It doesn't work! It's.. beacuse it's fake!
I'm not telling you
"don't go and be happy"
and I'm not gonna pretend like I know what will make anyone happy..
if you wanna be happy!
And if you're struggling with happiness..
just know that- You're not the only one!
It's fine! It's fine not being happy all the fucking time!
I don't think that's reasonable..
I think it's wrong to think that that's the case
and I think..
all these Hollywood movies..
all these stories that are fiction..
It's not a real- it's not representative of reality!
And seen YouTubers aplying the same thing
for their personal gain..
I think it's kinda gross!
And I'm..
and I just wanted to give my two cents on it!
Do you agree with me? Or do you disagree?
Let me know in the comments!
And I.. I don't know if this is the kind of videos
I'm really meant to be making..
I'm probably not qualified at all to talk about this but it's a topic that..
I care about!
Don't get me wrong.. I feel great!
I feel fantastic.. but I also feel..
Very happily.. unhappy..
A lot of times when I feel bad
That doesn't mean I feel bad about feeling bad!
I feel great about feeling not great.
What the fuck is this video about?
Thank you.. for watching!
I'll see you in the next one!
Al- Alright!
I just wanna to be clear that this video was not aimed for people with depression!
Depression is a medical pshy-psychological.. issue!
And this video is just a generic view..
for your average ideals around happiness..
So please! Don't- don't get the wrong idea!
Oh no! I had enough drama as it is, please! [ CHUCKLE ]
That's all I wanted to say!
Thank you guys for watching!
I think you'll enjoy this one!
I've selected it just for you!
Please watch it!
Uhmm.. but yeah!
Pretty great...
I'm just gonna stay here until this video is ten minutes..


別再假裝正能量:承認吧!你不是真正的快樂!(Forced Positivity on YouTube)

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