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  • and this world is gonna perfect got hot maybe it's cuz he walked in the room

  • ok so tell me a little bit about yourself tell me about the way you grew up I grew up in Honolulu Hawaii so do you serf

  • little bit a little bit I'm gonna have been doing music my whole life so I like

  • basically worked as a musician since I was 5 years old wow that's amazing

  • you grew up with the family of musicians right and how many instruments do you

  • play six seven hundred 100 really know what's your favorite like the drums the

  • drums a good just loud and for any kind of getting to yourself a chance to

  • really grow up playing piano and I liked things well yeah I love them and then so

  • do i hadn t get the best if you want a musician is there anything else that you

  • would wanna be ya

  • victoria secret of course who doesn't like me to pursue are you excited about

  • singing in the show i watch the show for years now

  • and I just thought in the second one has a good time it was on stage and

  • everything is so much entertainment community is young music beautiful women

  • I thought having quite the electrical but is it like obviously pop from the

  • women being in the underwear is there anything else that's different about you

  • performing on the Victoria Secret Show at the poster you performing just for

  • your yeah he says we've never done anything like that never has a bad we've

  • never had a catwalk and get anything I just say you're going to be walking up

  • and down the catwalk emerged run little bit yeah it's hard to animate the trend

  • is steaming hot as you let me get back to this question time I don't know

  • Miranda Kerr yeah you and i were good team and the way we gotta go and I can't

  • do the wink though do it do it so easily without the noise yes but is it like

  • classical classical that's cool and we surround around the piano and you play

  • the piano she should have a grand piano thing she has us thinking you are my

  • sunshine like my little brother

  • please don't take my sunshine away with the camera give them away I think that's

  • a wrap

  • that's a wrap we can talk that

and this world is gonna perfect got hot maybe it's cuz he walked in the room


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