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Hey Chris, watcha doing?
Just playing with my stackable plastic bricks
from China.
You know...
Captain America, on a motorcycle.
Iron Man, on a motorcycle.
Thor, on a motorcycle.
Hulk, on a motorcycle.
And Superman, on a motorcycle.
what is Superman doing here?
He's on a motorcycle, Matt.
I mean, he's not part of...
Where did you get these?
That’s hilarious.
Oh, you don’t know the half of it.
These aren’t even in my top 10.
Wait - you have a top 10 list of LEGO knockoffs?
Oh yeah…
Number 10
From Chinese toymaker XINH
comes this lovely set of
Superman fighting Lex Luthor.
With a gun.
That shoots...kryptonite?
Why would Superman have this gun?
He wouldn't even be able to touch kryptonite!
Speaking of things that make very little sense...
Number 9
Heroes Assemble!
It’s Superman with robot limbs!
Wait, would robot limbs make Superman
more power or less powerful than normal?
Oh, wait.
This isn’t Superman.
Super Batman.
But that super Batman is not nearly as cool as...
Number 8
Bat Hero!
And his arch-nemesis...
Look, you can’t just change the name slightly—
and that somehow makes it not copyright infringement!
Number 7
That’s a little too close to the LEGO logo.
But since the real LEGO brand
doesn’t make Ultraman minifigures,
someone’s gotta do it, right?
I mean, he is “The Embodiment of Justice Hero.”
Number 6
Now those LAGOs were pretty cool.
But this Chinese knockoff is just...
Not nearly as cool as...
Number 5
Fear the powerful Empire!
Star Wabs.
Number 4
Super Weapon Submarine.
I think it’s a Chinese knockoff
of America’s underwater scientific drone.
But judging from those blaster weapons,
it’s definitely not there to simply measure
oceanic conditions, am I right?
Number 3
The Simpsons.
I don’t think they got permission from LEGO
or Matt Groening.
Yeah, Maggie looks concerned
about a possible copyright lawsuit.
Number 2
But this one should be fine, right?
It’s totally not a knockoff of Disney’s
Sleeping Beauty!
It’s “Dream: Sleeping Girl”!
Complete with a giant dull spindle.
And Number 1
Why buy LEGO Minecraft,
complete with Steve and Zombie,
when you can buy LELE My World,
complete with Steve and Zmbie.
Look, you can even build your own “oreations”
with inspiration “inoluded.”
While all those may simply be amusing
to most of us,
LEGO is taking knockoffs very seriously.
The LEGO Group has sued
a number of competitors,
including most recently a Chinese company
called LEPIN.
Which really should be sued by Star Wars instead, right?
Unless Star Wnrs is a totally different movie.
So what do you think?
Leave your comments below.
And if you want to see more crazy and fun stuff
from China that doesn’t make it into our episodes,
follow us on Facebook.
Once again, I’m Chris Chappell.
And I'm Matt Gnaizda.
See you next time!


十大中國山寨樂高玩具 (Top 10 Knockoff LEGOs from China | China Uncensored)

667 分類 收藏
Darren 發佈於 2017 年 1 月 6 日
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