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Hello everyone, thank you for coming to Nutritional truth, and the question today is:
Why does a baby that is breast feeded by the mom, has less infections and less diseases?
One of the reasons is because of the milk, that is rich in lauric acid
This is what we are going to talk in the next couple of minutes.
For your curiosity the lauric acid in the breast milk is in the coconut oil too
The lauric acid when it drops into our stomach transforms into monolaurin
That monolaurin kills fungus, bacteria, parasites and viruses
So it does not let the baby get sick
The women breast milk has 19% of lauric acid, the coconut oil has 47%
Every place where the coconut oil predominates like the pacific islands
There are no heart diseases, no diabetes, no obesity and no AIDS
now you are going to hear people saying that the coconut oil will make you fat
And if you hear that you will know that that person doesn't know anything about nutrition
Coconut oil will not make you fat but it will make you slim
Because the fat from the coconut oil is different from other fats, let me explain you that:
Fats are composed in three different categories
Low, medium and high chain fats
Coconut is made of lauric, caprylic and capric acids
The lauric acid is in 47% and the rest 8%, they are medium chain fats
They can't be accumulated as fat in our bodies because they are thermogenic
They raise our body metabolism
That's why make us lose weight because they are thermogenic
You start using coconut oil for you to cook and after that you will not want anything else to cook with
I even advise you to take one spoon of extra virgin coconut oil two to three times a day
You will have amazing benefits with that
Now I'm going to tell something, that if you do, one day you will going to thank me for telling you this
this is a secret.
You're going to buy a high quality coconut oil, and you're going to put it on your hair and face
when you go to sleep.
Don't be shy, use a lot of it. Put a towel on your bed so you don't get you linen dirty
and have a good sleep.
When you wake up in the morning, you're going to say this:
"I never used something that rejuvenated my hair and skin so much as coconut oil"
If you are watching this videos right now and your hair is falling, use coconut oil.
Remember to throw away all your vegetable oils and start using coconut oil to cook with.
Thank you for watching this video, I hope you have learned something new today
If you want to know more about nutrition I have here three videos that are just perfect for you
If there is anything that you want me to talk about on my videos
You can write a comment below and I will reply as soon as possible
So you can stay updated with the latest nutritional truths
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你一定不知道:椰子油真是好處多多 (Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil)

10620 分類 收藏
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