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  • Around the world, addiction destroys people’s lives, it slows down economic progress, and

  • disrupts peaceful societies.

  • But addiction is not exclusive to drug use, many activities are prone to abuse, and in

  • the 21st century, some people are literally becoming addicted to technology.

  • In China, this abuse has become such a societal problem that rehab centers are opening up

  • for these electronic addicts.

  • Seeker Stories dove into the problem.

  • We can’t control him anymore.

  • We want him to understand what is happening to him, to heal, and for this nightmare to

  • be over...”

  • These are the words of a parent of an addict...but it’s not what you think.

  • Because theyre not talking about drug or alcohol abuse, theyre talking about a controversial

  • condition that many believe is affecting more and more people every day.

  • Some call itElectronic Heroin.’

  • Others simply know it as: the Internet.

  • Now, were all guilty of spending way too much time online, but for a growing number,

  • the Internet is more than that, it’s an obsession.

  • Internet addiction has been nicknamedElectronic Heroinbecause researchers have found that

  • heavy Internet users suffer changes in brain functionality similar to those observed in

  • drug abusers, and further study has shown that the withdrawal symptoms can be similar

  • too.

  • In China, bootcamp-style rehab clinics have started to open up to help addicts conquer

  • their problem.

  • Tao Ran, a psychiatrist and military colonel who runs the Daxing Boot Camp in Beijing,

  • has noticed the similarities between his patients and drug addicts first hand.

  • It destroys relationships and deteriorates the body without the person knowing.

  • All of them have eyesight and back problems and suffer from eating disorders.”

  • When patients arrive at Daxing Boot Camp, it’s rarely of their own accord.

  • Most have been forced to come here by their parents.

  • The addicts are put on a diet and exercise regimen, and of course a no-Internet policy

  • is strictly enforced.

  • Patients are sometimes given medication and their brain activity is also closely monitored

  • to measure the progress in functionality.

  • The boot camp treatment may be on the extreme side, but many parents in China still see

  • it as the best option for reforming their children.

  • The country has some 24 millionweb junkies,” and many of them are kids who spend their

  • days in Internet cafes specially kitted out with armchairs and beds so users never have

  • to leave.

  • Parents believe the military-style drills mixed with family therapy sessions at boot

  • camps like Daxing can help their kids transform their lives.

  • While more and more boot camps are opening around the country to meet the demand, not

  • all are set up like Daxing.

  • Recent reports have shed light on the physical abuse of patients in some centers, and others

  • have even resorted to using electroshock therapy to treat addicts.

  • Although these reports are concerning, some argue that it’s proof that standardized

  • treatment and care needs to be developed to tackle the growing problem.

  • Though that might be a long way off, as Internet addiction still isn’t fully recognized by

  • many clinicians and psychiatric organizations.

  • For the patients at Daxing on the road to recovery, the addiction feels very real and

  • the fear of re-entering a world with the Internet can be daunting.

  • As one boy who extended his stay said, “I am afraid to go back to a normal life...I

  • fear I will become addicted again.

  • That is why I have asked to stay longer, until I develop enough confidence to deal with life.”

  • If you want to see more in-depth content like this, check out Seeker Stories.

  • Theyll take you around the world sharing stories of extraordinary people, cultures

  • and innovations.

  • Like this one that explores why nearly half the people on Earth risk their lives every

  • time they cook.

  • Watch this episode to learn how engineers at UC Berkeley plan to combat this problem

  • by redesigning the cook stove.

  • As Juanete was cooking, I could hear her coughing and her grandchildren coughing around her.

  • And as she explained, she has no other choice, but to cook this way even though she knows

  • that it could cause harmful long-term health issues.

  • What's incredible is that smoke inhalation kills more people worldwide than HIV and malaria

  • combined.

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Around the world, addiction destroys people’s lives, it slows down economic progress, and


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中國對網癮青少年的康復訓練 (China’s Rehab For Internet-Addicted Youth)

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