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  • Hey guys it's Jenn

  • Oh my God I've been wanting to make this video for so long

  • And now I'm finally doing it and I just wanna start

  • You guys sent me these things called "punk edits"

  • If you don't know what a punk edit is basically it's when someone on the internet takes a photo of someone

  • And basically makes them punk

  • In front of me I have a table filled with a F**k ton of stuff I ordered from Hot TOPIC

  • And I'm gonna use that stuff to turn myself into a "punk edit"

  • lil disclamer before we start though

  • I'm not making fun of anyone who is punk or the "punk culture"

  • I'm gonna start with makeup

  • I got this palette with some punk colors

  • I think for eyeshadow I'm gonna go for this like electric blue

  • Oh my god this is a lot happening very quickly right now

  • Did I mention I don't really know how to wear eyeshadow

  • I'm gonna try to give myself a wing wow Not Bad I don't think it looks bad

  • Alright, that that ones bad I'm gonna put some liquid eyeliner under my eyes too

  • We want deep and dark here

  • It's what were going for

  • One of these eyes is better than the other

  • I'm also gonna go ahead and use the black and put that in my waterline is that what thats called I don't know

  • Damn

  • Lipstick

  • oh F**k

  • Alright let me try to clean this up

  • Alright it's not bad right I ordered a lot of different piercings

  • So I'm just gonna put them all over

  • is this rock n roll or is this I love you?

  • Bamn

  • i mean it just looks like a big earring

  • Gauges

  • I'm going to give myself 2 sleeves

  • these are the biggest temporary tattoos I have ever seen in my entire life

  • alright I need to get like a giant towel with water

  • ahhhhh come one come on oh my god

  • woooooow wooow

  • wow okay it worked I really really hope this comes of easily

  • oh my godddd

  • this is crazy alright now I have two sleeves I feel like a member of O2L honestly

  • Lets get her on

  • I feel like my transformation is almost complete I feel pretty F**kin punk edit right now

  • But my hair is still blonde

  • Wow wooow oh my good I look so much like a punk edit right now

  • This is crazy I need a bigger sponge

  • Alright guys I feel like I've done as much as i can do

  • I look amazing

  • This is what you guys wanted this is what you wanted me to be

  • I also got this bow

  • But Guys I got blue hair chalk all over my apartment

  • I hope you guys like my transformation

  • And I also hope you guys liked this video

  • And if you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up

  • and yeah I think thats pretty much it for this weeks video

  • That you guys so much for watching and i will se you all next saturday with a new video bye

Hey guys it's Jenn


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