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Hey, guys!
So today, I'm gonna be talking about the most annoying types of friends.
And I know that sounds really bad, because you are calling your friends annoying.
But let's be real for a second.
Every single friend of yours probably does at least one thing that annoys you, but,
You just look past it because, well, they're your friend.
Either that, or you haven't been friends long enough to see those traits come out,
Or, well, you don't have any friends.
Annoying Ryan: You would know a lot about that, huh?
Ryan : What?
You act like you have friends.
What are you talking about? I have friends.
Yeah, that's why you are talking to me right now.
You talked to me first. That's why I'm talking to you.
Yeah, but technically I am you, so you talked to you first.
Why are you here?
I'm annoying Ryan. I'm here to help with this video since you have no friends.
I have friends!
Yeah, but you only have Season 2.
Look. If you're gonna help, can you at least wait until we get to the examples?
I'm sorry, I thought we already started. Is this not the first example?
Is this not not the whiny, annoying vlogger friend?
As I was saying until I so rudely interrupted myself...
I love my friends and I'm sure you guys love all of yours.
That's why we call them "friends,"
But there's no such thing as a friend that's never annoying.
There's just friends that are significantly less annoying than others.
And today, we're going to be talking about those others.
Here are the most annoying types of friends.
Take a look.
This is one of the most relatable, common ones there is. The bailor.
We all have that one friend who says they're always down to do stuff, and then they make plans with you,
And at the very last second, they tell you that they can't go, or they bail.
Hence, the bailer.
Oh, hey Greg. You want to go to the gym in a little bit?
Yeah, let me just get ready.
Alright, I'm good. You ready?
Oh, my bad, dude. I-I can't go anymore- I can't make it.
I have a- doctor's thing- appointment- conference.
The judger. Just like it says in the title,
This is the friend that literally judges you for everything that you do.
Alright, see you later, man.
Woo- Seriously? You're gonna wear that on a date?
What's wrong with it?
I mean, it's cool- I mean, it looks a little polka-dotty, though.
Dude, you should not be eating those. Those are so bad for you.
Wait? Are you liking her photo? You just met her. That's so desperate.
The passive aggressive friend. This is one of the most annoying types of friends in my opinion.
They never, ever tell you exactly what they want to say or what they want to do.
They just hint at it so that you don't look like the bad guy, and they put it on you.
Alright so who's driving?
I can't cause my car's in the shop, so...
I can, I can. I did drink a little.
So I mean, like, if you don't mind driving a little bit drunk. It's fine.
Oh, I do have shoe boxes in the back
That's kinda taking up some space
So it's probably gonna be really uncomfortable for three people
But it's cool because I could just throw my shoes out in the trash. I don't need them.
I don't need shoes. I have slippers.
Even though that's really not safe for my workplace.
You know as long as you guys don't block my rearview mirror cause, you know, I can't see at night.
And I can't drive-oh it's day.
I can't see during the day very well.
Ok, fine. I'll drive.
No it's cool. I can drive
No, It's fine.
I mean I can drive. As long as you guys-
I'll drive! Ok?
Let's just go
Sure if that's what you want to do.
The lagger. Again, another common one.
I mean these friends pretty much speak a different language when it comes to time.
You just have to translate it.
For example:
When a Lagger says that they're 'leaving soon'
It means they haven't even started to get ready yet.
When they say they're on my way
That means I'm on my way to get ready but I'm still 30 minutes from leaving
When they say 'I'm here!'
That means they're 5-10 minutes away.
And then when the Lagger says 'I can't seem to find you. Where are you?'
That means they literally just showed up at that second.
The overly sensitive friend. This is the friend that takes every little thing so personally that-
it get's to the point where you have to be careful what you say around them-
and what you do around them since you don't want to offend them.
Oh, wow.
Thanks for the invite.
Oh, I mean, I was already with Derrick and we just passed by this Greek food place
Oh, so you guys were already hanging out without me. That's cool.
I thought you don't even like Greek?
Why? Because I'm Asian? So I only eat Asian food?
What? I'm Asian too!
Wow. So you're saying I'm unoriginal
I didn't say that.
And now you're calling me a liar.
Look, Ok. It's not a big deal. We'll just drive back to the same Greek food place,
Get the same exact meal so you don't feel left out. Is that OK?
Naw, I'm good.
What? What else do you want then?
I just don't wanna go.
I already ate.
The ditcher. When a hot girl or guy comes along, this is the friend that just chases after them.
They disappear. And completely seem to forget about you and your friends.
*singing* Happy birthday to you-
Wait. Where'd Ryan go?
Yeah, it's my birthday today
Oh! Happy birthday!
The photographer. I guess this one isn't really annoying to a lot of you guys but this is really annoying to me
This is the person that has to take a picture of every single little thing that you and your friends do.
To them, it needs to be broadcasted or it didn't happen.
*camera sound*
*camera sound*
*camera sound*
*camera sound*
The cheap friend. This is the one friend in the group that never pays for anything.
Hey, I'll be right back. I gotta- I gotta go to the bathroom real quick.
Alright, and your friend over there said that you guys are paying together?
The overly competitive friend. This is the friend the you never wanna play games with because they always get way too competitive.
Oh, that's- that's a scratch, right there.
My bad, dude.
You just hit it. You just hit the ball.
Like, are you serious?
No it's cool. Like, if you want a handicap, I'll give you a handicap.
Look, take it easy man. It's cool. It's your turn, go for it.
No, no. Go ahead. Just go ahead. You need the help so, we don't need to play by the real rules
We can play by your rules. We can play by your dumbass rules. It's fine.
The checkout this video friend. I need a better title for that one.
This is the one friend that always wants to show you a video that he or she thinks is so funny
or cool or awesome. Even though they're not that funny or cool or awesome
You see that twist?
So good right?
The overly honest friend. And last but not least you never want a lying friend.
That's like one of the top things you don't want in a friend.
But sometimes the 'Overly-Honest Friend' can actually be a lot more annoying.
For example:
You see that twist? So good, right?
This video sucked.
Because sometimes it's better to lie to a friend then to actually hurt them.
This video sucked.
But I guess there's a good ending to it.
And it doesn't end awkwardly.
And, again, I didn't make this video to call out friends of mine.
Nor do I think you should send this to your annoying friends
Because that will probably result in you having less friends.
It's actually the opposite.
When I made this list, I actually realized that I do a lot of these annoying traits (things)
I mean, when you watch this video I'm sure you guys pin pointed which one of your friends is this.
And which one of your friends is that.
But, sometimes we forget to look at ourselves
If you haven't already, you should rewatch this video and instead of thinking about all your different friends
that these apply to, think about yourself.
Cause if there's something a friend does that really annoys you, chances are,
you do something that really annoys that friend as well.
Because there is no such thing as a perfect friend.
Which also means that your not the perfect friend either.
And in order to preserve that friendship we have to learn to just accept these annoying traits
And realize that no friend is really-
Again, how would you know? You have no friends.
I have friends! Ok? Just because I'm talking to an annoying, imaginary one it doesn't mean-
Oh, I'm not imaginary.
You still don't get it, huh?
Get what?
You see how annoying I am to you?
Yes! You are incredibly annoying.
Which is why you named me Annoying Ryan.
I didn't call you that. You called yourself that.
I called myself that.
And I...
am you.
I've been annoying all along.
You see that twist?
So good right?
This video sucked.
But I guess there's a good ending to it and it doesn't end awkwardly.
*chewing noises*
You know that really bad for you, right?
*end slide music*



常讓我崩潰的幾種朋友,但我還是愛他們(Most Annoying Types of Friends!)

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