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Hello I’m Crown
Today, I’ll be doing common Internet abbreviations!
Basically we can see abbreviations everywhere on the Internet
We’ve mentioned some in the first episode
but there are still a lot more we haven’t talked about
So here we are, episode two
This video will mainly be in English
so remember to turn on the Chinese or English subtitles if needed
People are really lazy sometimes
we want to spend the least amount of time
to convey as much as possible
Thus, I present to you, abbreviations and acronyms
In our last episode
we covered a lot of really popular online abbreviations
However, social media and language is always changing
and evolving so fast
that is why we have an endless list to talk about
But of course, as usual
I’ll be talking about the most popular and commonly-used ones
Best Friends Forever 永遠的摯友
Your BFF will be what you call your best friend
Because you love them so much
you’d want to be friends with them for all eternity
Be Right Back 馬上回來
Normally seen when one has to leave a chat for a short while
to do something else
They are promising that
they will be absent for a little while
but what they’re gonna do wouldn’t take too long
Got To Go 先走了
This is somewhat similar to BRB
but GTG, means leaving the chat for good
When you say GTG
it’ll normally mean when you need to do something else
be somewhere else
and therefore need to end the conversation
I Don’t Know 我不知道
People asks questions all the time
Sometimes you know the answer to it
sometimes you don’t
So IDK can be pretty useful
when you wanna prevent other people
from asking too many questions
I Know Right 是不是
This is often said
when you absolutely agree with something someone else said
Personally, this is one of my favorite(s)
You can’t say it as, “I know, right.”
you have to say it like “I know right www~~~~”
Shake My Head 無言傻眼
SMH is normally used
when someone does something so stupid
you’re either disgusted, in disbelief
or so annoyed that you’re at a loss for words
SMH would be to do this
*shakes head*
And you could also add in a facepalm for effect
*facepalm shakes head*
In Real Life 在現實生活裡
IRL basically means in the real world
and not like online, on social media
or in books and movies
You may be commenting on how someone acts in real life
compared to their online persona
Or how an actor or actress really is like
outside of the characters they play in their movies
In My Opinion 我的看法是
IMO in other words mean
what I think about something or someone
You can also add an H in there
making it IMHO
which stands for “in my humble opinion”
But be careful about using IMHO
because purposefully stating something as humble
makes it even less so
and instead a little bit sarcastic
Away From Keyboard 不在電腦前
AFK is often used in a gaming context
written to let people know you’re not available right now
When you say you’re AFK
you are literally away from your keyboard
which equally means you’re away from your computer
This is to let your friends and teammates know
that they should wait for you to come back
Also Known As 又稱為
AKA is used when there are two or more names to someone
and you will use it to make a reference to all the other names
I don’t know why
but the usage of AKA sounds very chuunibyou to me
Perhaps it’s because every time people like to put strange names behind AKA
something like
Hey, it’s Crown
AKA, Sapphire Goddess
Oh!!! It’s kinda like Game of Thrones!
You know how they like to put
tons of AKAs behind their name
Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen
the first of her name
AKA Queen of Meereen
Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea
The Unburnt
Breaker of Chains
and the Mother of Dragons
Just Kidding 開玩笑
This is pretty easy
and I think most of you know what this means
I think this abbreviation is very complicated
because it has various meanings
1. You really were only joking
2. When you were actually really serious but people didn’t take you seriously
3. When you said something stupid
4. When you said something you regret and you wanted to take it back or cover it up
Laugh My Ass Off 大笑
We use this all the time
and can be seen as a higher leveled “LOL”
When you laugh your ass off
don’t take it literally
but just see it as laughing really, really hard
You can add in a F for more effect
making it LMFAO “laughing my fat ass off”
Roll On The Floor Laughing 笑到在地上滾
Similar to LMAO, ROTFL
is also used to express great amusement or exaggerated laughter
To take it to a degree higher
you can combine ROTFL with LMFAO
making it ROTFLMFAO
"roll on the floor laughing my fat ass off"
But this is so long
you can hardly call it an abbreviation anymore...
So, the above are the acronyms and abbreviations
that I’ve compiled for you today
I hope you learnt something new!
Are there any others that you’ve seen before but don’t know what they mean?
If yes, be sure to tell me in the comment section down below!
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And that’s a wrap, thank you guys for watching as always
and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya!



【阿滴英文】常用網路英文縮寫分析! #2 (Decoding Common Internet English Abbreviations #2)

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