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  • Welcome to mindfulness animated - a fun and helpful explanation

  • The Brain has evolved so great that it spends much of its time solving problems

  • that haven't yet occurred - in the future (thus leading to anxiety or panic) and

  • mulling over events in a past (leading to depression). Often it does both all the

  • time...

  • The question is how can we make our brains STOP and think about only the present -

  • the state we are in when we are in when we are 'in the zone' or 'in the moment'.

  • Mindfulness is derived from the east and meditation practice of for thousands of

  • years recognize to help humans control and tame our brains.

  • Research has shown, that among other things, meditation can help depression

  • and anxiety, reduce stress, reduce pain while improving concentration

  • and giving us more energy. Meditation has also been shown to improve

  • relationships, increase creativity, boost immunity and maybe even prolong life.

  • The question is how do you do this? Simple. This three-step approach is all

  • you need. For 15 to 25 miles every day... No.1 Sit up No.2 Close your eyes

  • No. 3 Concentrate on your breathing or repeat a sound or a word and

  • each time you notice that your mind is wandering, bring your thoughts back to

  • your breath or sound or word and if it wanders again just to bring it right

  • back

  • keep doing this until your 15 minutes has passed. I would use a meditation

  • timer app on your phone or any timer. The more you do, the easier it gets.

  • Many people notice they are breathing slow during mindfulness meditation and

  • sometimes respiratory rates reduce dramatically but this often confers

  • benefits on mood and anxiety .

  • Remember, each day will be different

  • , some days will be easier than others.

  • Over time you will notice that your mind wanders less or that you can control it

  • more as you begin to accept that it naturally wanders but that you can bring

  • it back

  • to the thought had much easier. Once this happens you will notice how much more

  • time you have as your brain finds itself enjoying the present - the birds singing,

  • the smell the flowers, and the color of the leaves. You may start noticing subtle

  • smiles and looks from people all around you. Welcome to inner peace.

  • Thank you for watching and Please subscribe now

Welcome to mindfulness animated - a fun and helpful explanation


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心靈動畫 (Mindfulness Animated)

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