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  • What's up guys!


  • So today we are going to do something a little different.


  • We're gonna do a taste test challenge.


  • Um... this is right.


  • I'm so excited!


  • -So I'm gonna blindfold you. - OK.


  • -And then I have some food that I'm going to get, and you'll get to try it.


  • -I like food.


  • -And guess what it is, that's the point.


  • -Aw, it's bananas.


  • -The bananas are right there, no.


  • -This is a lovely smelling scarf.


  • -We start off easy, there's like four total. -OK.

    -我們先從簡單的開始,總共有四題。 -好

  • -And it starts off easy.


  • -Ok, here's your spoon. - Ok.


  • -Here's your first one, ok?


  • -Ok. -Try that.


  • -I will find it. -Haha find it.


  • -There, right?


  • -Yep. -Oh it's stuck in there.


  • -Um, it does taste like a strawberry banana kind of.


  • -So, no, it's ice cream, obviously. -Yeah.


  • -With honey in it. -Oh, ok!


  • -This one is easy. Here's your second one. -Ok.


  • -Can't really feel anything.


  • -Hm, I love avocado. -Good huh.


  • -I will just finish it.


  • -All right. Here's your next one.


  • -Ok. I like how you put these in like very different little containers.


  • -Of Course. -At least this I can tell.


  • -Oh Jesus. -What do you think that is?


  • -Aw this brings back a lot of memories.


  • -Yeah? -Yes and I've enjoyed it still.


  • -It's banana baby food.


  • -Can you think of any reason I give you that?


  • -Because it was my favorite when I was a little boy.


  • -My mom... when I was born, this is apparently my favorite thing.


  • -Anyone else who might like that?


  • -Um, babies? - Any babies in particular?


  • -Ours? -Yeah.


  • -We're gonna have a baby!


  • -Are you serious? -Yeah.


  • -Really? -Yeah.


  • -You're really pregnant? -Yeah!


  • -No way, you're kidding me! -No!


  • -Yeah, that threw me off a little bit... You know what, I took a bite of this, and I was like, okay... really...really?


  • -Let me see it, I have to see it.


  • -See? Two lines.


  • -Yes! Yes!


  • -Oh my God!


  • -Thanks for watching guys, we'll see you in the next one. Goodbye!


What's up guys!


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