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  • Gravity may be the best big-budget space movie in history and should go down as one of the

  • most groundbreaking, important films of all time. Audiences agree: it broke the record

  • for biggest opening for a film in the month of October and is sitting on a 98% fresh rating

  • on Well-known director Alfonso Cuarón wrote the script for Gravity

  • with his 30-year-old son Jonás, who is also an up-and-coming director himself. The film’s

  • thrilling, roller-coaster feel is a direct result of this collaboration: “Jonás, according

  • to his father, was easily bored and kept pushing his dad to move the action forward faster

  • and let the audience connect to the characters through the action.”

  • Without Jonás’ Generation Y impatience Gravity wouldn’t have been nearly as successful,

  • and without Alfonso’s artistic vision - those breathtakingly long, single-shot sequences

  • - the film wouldn’t have been nearly as realistic.

  • Another aspect to the film was Warner Brotherstrust in Cuarón - who delivered big-time

  • for the studio with the $800 million Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in 2004.

  • Warner Bros allowed Gravity’s budget to soar to $100 million even though it wasn’t

  • shown a single frame of the movie until 6 months after filming was done. Warner Bros.

  • even gave Cuarón free reign to invent a whole new technology for shooting to mimic the effects

  • of zero-gravity. This secretive, groundbreaking technique was the root of the film’s realism

  • and will undoubtedly be used in cinema for years to come.

  • Alfonso and Jonás have already pinpointed the idea they want to take on next and are

  • currently in the beginning stages of the writing process. But, we will probably have to wait

  • a few years to see it come to life as Jonás will begin filming his directorial debut in

  • Baja in January. The thrillerDesiertowill feature Mexican star Gael Garcia Bernal.

Gravity may be the best big-budget space movie in history and should go down as one of the


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