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  • So, I'm looking at the waffle menu now.

  • Waffles[鬆餅] are very popular in Duomo.[多麽Cafe+]

  • And they have been doing them for many years.

  • They have many many different types here,

  • but the most popular flavours are cinnamon apple [蘋果肉桂]

  • ,mixed berry,tiramisu[提拉米蘇] and chocoate[巧克力]

  • I see you have many waffles here.

  • You have got many, many choices.

  • There are so many. Which do you recommend?

  • I think you can try the cinnamon apple. [蘋果肉桂]

  • the cinnamon apple, yeah

  • or choocolate [巧克力]

  • or the chocoate, yeah. And anything else?

  • mixed berries

  • or the mixed berries,yeah.

  • Yeah, maybe.

  • So, maybe I can order um . .

  • I would like to try the banana chocolate flavour actually.[香蕉巧克力]

  • Yeah

  • Is that good?

  • Very good!

  • Very good.Ok.

  • And possibly, what else do you have here?,

  • and maybe the mixed berries later.Is that ok?

  • Yeah

  • Thank you very much.

  • Ok. So, they are making the waffles now. And this is how they make the waffle mix.

  • So, what's in the waffle mix?

  • eggs

  • egg yolks, yeah.

  • flour

  • flour,yeah.

  • milk

  • milk yeah, and what else?

  • milk and some other special ingredients, yeah.

  • It looks good.

  • Thank you.

  • So, which waffles are these?

  • apple and cinnamon [蘋果肉桂]

  • That's cinnamon apple.

  • And this one?

  • and tiramisu [提拉米苏]

  • and the tiramisu

  • Thank you!

  • So,lets try some of the waffles now.

  • This one here is the mixed berry waffle,

  • which is blueberry [蘭梅],raspberry [覆盆子] and cranberry [蔓越莓]。

  • - with a little bit of cream here.

  • It's a very, very nice waffle.

So, I'm looking at the waffle menu now.


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臺北多摩咖啡館華夫餅的吃法 (The Eats of Taipei Duomo Cafe Waffles)

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