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  • Theresa May is facing a growing backlash over her plan to shake up business practices in the UK.

    Theresa May 面臨越來越多針對她重新制定英國商業慣行計畫的反對聲浪

  • Senior business figures have called on the prime minister to reverse her plans to curb executive pay and reform cooperative governance.


  • Mrs. May pledged to reform British boardroom when she came to power in July as part of an attempt to attract low-income voters.

    May 女士在 7月上任時曾許諾將革新英國的白領階層薪資,而這是為了吸引低收入選民的支持

  • Lord Patten, the last British governor of Hong Kong has criticised two of the territories lawmakers for refusing to pledge allegiance to China.

    香港的最後一任總督 Lord Patten 抨擊兩位不願向中國宣誓效忠的香港國會議員

  • He said the action was counter-productive and urged the territories lawmakers to focus on democracy rather than independence from Beijing.


  • And a giant steel shield is to be placed over the contaminated remains of the nuclear reactor site in Chernobyl.


  • It will be the largest movable structure ever built and is designed to stop radioactive material leaking from the site.


  • 30 years after the reactor exploded, a 3,000 square kilometer area around Chernobyl remains unfit for living and farming.

    在核電廠爆炸後 30 年,車諾比周圍 3000 平方公里的地區依然不適合居住與耕作

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Welcome to FirstFT. Here, today's top stories.

歡迎收看 FirstFT。接下來是今天的頭條新聞


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