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  • Definitely, the brutal cold conditions today had everyone talking about the weather, making

  • it the ... "hottest" topic of the day. Let's go straight to our weather center for

  • some updates with our Lee Jee-hyun? Jee-hyun?

  • Hello, Daniel What a day All day long, the negative readings, wind chill factor, and

  • snowy conditions had us shivering Here in Seoul, it felt as minus 20 degrees Celsius

  • all day long

  • Minus 20 degrees Celsius ... So it comes as no surprise that rivers froze across the nation

  • That's right The background picture behind me was taken from the Namhangang river today,

  • and the Namhangang as well as other main rivers should remain frozen for the time being...

  • the cold blast will continue tomorrow with cold wave alerts remaining in place in

  • most regions, including the capital area. So for tomorrow's temperatures, expect similar

  • conditions, as

  • Seoul will start out at a low of minus 14 degrees Celsius... while Daejeon's low will

  • hit minus 11, Gwangju and Busan kick off at minus 6 and minus 7.

  • Highs will slightly go higher... Seoul will make it to minus 5 by afternoon,

  • while Daejeon and Daegu rise to minus 1 and zero, and Busan and Jeju Island will see highs

  • of 3 and 4.

  • While the upper regions had a dry and sunny day, the Jeollado provinces and surrounding

  • areas saw heavy snow including Gwangju, where snow accumulated to 11 centimeters. Hundreds

  • of incidents were reported on the roads in those areas today... but more snow is still

  • expected with up to 5 centimeters to fall over night.

  • The current cold snap will persist through the weekend and into early next week. So stay

  • warm and try to avoid outside for too long if possible

  • That's Korea for you and here's a look at weather conditions around the world.

Definitely, the brutal cold conditions today had everyone talking about the weather, making


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B1 中級

殘酷的寒潮將在週三持續。 (Brutal cold snap to persist on Wednesday.)

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