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  • Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, stuffing,

  • mashed potatoes, some more turkey,

  • cranberry sauce, even more turkey? uhhh

  • [Turkey walks across screen.]

  • Still have room for that pie?

  • For now, unbutton your eating pants,

  • flop on the couch and let’s learn why

  • you feel so full after a big meal.

  • [Reactions intro]

  • Part of the reason is physical.

  • Your stomach can stretch to a volume of about

  • one literthat’s the size of a burrito.

  • When you eat a big meal,

  • you fill your stomach to its limits,

  • squeezing against your other organs

  • and making your abdomen feel, well, full.

  • Your stomach and intestines also

  • fill with gases as you eat,

  • adding to that swollen sensation.

  • Each time you swallow a bit of

  • air goes along for the ride,

  • even more if youre drinking soda or beer.

  • Inside your stomach, the gas that makes

  • your drink fizzy fills more space

  • than the liquid it came in.

  • Fortunately, your body has a good way

  • to get rid of excess gas in the stomach:

  • [burp]

  • For some people, another uncomfortable

  • result of a big meal is heartburn.

  • The stomach produces hydrochloric

  • acid to break down food.

  • More food to break down means more acid,

  • which can irritate the lining of the

  • stomach and creep into the esophagus,

  • leading to that burning feeling.

  • Antacid tablets use bases

  • (remember the opposite of an acid is a base)

  • like calcium carbonate to neutralize the acid.

  • That reaction produces more carbon dioxide,

  • which can increase that full feeling,

  • at least until your next burp.

  • The other part of feeling full is mental.

  • When youve had enough to eat, the

  • body’s messenger molecules, hormones,

  • let the brain know its time to stop.

  • Bro!

  • Bro!....

  • It’s time to stop!

  • When you eat a high-calorie meal, cells

  • in your intestines secrete a hormone

  • called peptide tyrosine-tyrosine or PYY.

  • Not PYT! That’s a Michael Jackson song!

  • When PYY reaches the brain, it binds

  • with receptors that give you the feeling

  • that youre full, or even a little queasy.

  • Some hormones react more strongly to meals

  • heavy in fats, carbohydrates or proteins,

  • but they all serve the same purpose:

  • to get you to put down that fork!

  • So the next time your mom

  • asks you if you want seconds,

  • maybe take a minute to listen to

  • what your body’s trying to tell you.

  • Or just keep stuffing your face,

  • I don’t care really.

  • But don’t be surprised if

  • youre not feeling so good after.

  • One thing you can never get your

  • fill of is cool chemistry videos.

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  • if you can stomach it.

  • You see what I did there?

  • Hah?!

  • Eat well, chemheads!

  • Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, stuffing,


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