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  • Is it possible, to totally bring about a mutation in what is?


  • To go into this question of bringing about a total revolution,


  • one must have an extraordinary sense of awareness.


  • The crisis especially now, is a crisis in consciousness.

    特別是現在 現在的危機是意識的危機

  • A crisis that cannot anymore accept the old norms.


  • It seems to me, though man has cultivated the external world

    對我而言 儘管人類似乎已掌握並發展了外在的世界

  • and has more or less mastered it


  • Inwardly, he is still as he was.

    但在內心深處 人類仍然一無所變

  • We want happiness.


  • We do not want suffering.


  • Now we are actually creating more unnecessary suffering.


  • That "one-million dollars" will not bring inner peace.


  • This money brings more frustration, more suspicion, more anxiety

    金錢帶來更多的沮喪 懷疑 焦慮

  • but people do not understand.


  • I see all this potential, and I see it squandered.

    我看到人類所有的潛力 但都被揮霍掉了

  • God damnit an entire generation pumping gas, and waiting tables.

    媽的 整個世代都在加油站打工 或當服務生幫忙上菜

  • ...slaves with white collars.


  • Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes


  • working jobs we hate, so we can buy shit we don't need.

    做著我們討厭的工作 這樣才能買些不必要的狗屎東西

  • We're the middle-children of history, man.

    老兄 我們在歷史上還只是個小屁孩啊!

  • No purpose or place.


  • We have no great war... no great depression...

    我們沒有激烈的戰爭... 我們沒有大蕭條...

  • Our "great war" is the spiritual war.


  • Our "great depression", is our lives.


  • We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars...

    從電視中 我們都被教導成說 要相信有一天

  • ...but we won't

    我們都會變成百萬富翁 電影明星和搖滾明星...

  • and we're slowly learning that fact


  • and we're very, very pissed off.


  • Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. - Victor Hugo

    然後就會感到非常 非常賭爛

  • When you're born in this world you're given a ticket to the freak-show


  • and when you're born in America you're given a front row seat.

    "再也沒有任何東西 能比勢不可擋的理念更強大了"-雨果

  • Everybody's got a cellphone that'll make pancakes and rub their balls

    當你生下到這個世界時 你就得到觀看瘋狂表演秀的門票

  • so nobody want's to rock the boat. Nobody wants to change.

    而當你生在美國時 你就得到了更前排的貴賓座

  • We're in a nice downward glide.


  • I call it "circling the drain".

    所以沒有人想划船 沒有人想改變

  • I think we squandered great gifts. I think humans were given great, great gifts.


  • We polluted it with this STUFF...


  • ...things, material goods, games, gizmos, toys, gadgets...

    我認為我們浪費了偉大的才賦 人類其實被給予了非常偉大的才賦

  • ...having possessions


  • "He's got a bigger truck! Did you see his truck? It's bigger than mine! I'm gettin' a new truck!"

    ...雜物 物質商品 遊戲 玩具 各種小玩意兒和器械...

  • Part 1 - The Freakshow


  • "Here's a big truck! Oooh, I'm gettin that one! That's what, you got a video in there? DVD too?"

    "他的卡車比我大 你看到了嗎?

  • Hi Eric, thank you so much for being with us today.

    第一部份-瘋狂表演秀 "他的卡車比我大 你看到了嗎?

  • Thanks for sliding on


  • We are here to talk to Eric about black-friday, it has come early this year.

    他的卡車比我大! 老子我也要買新卡車!" 第一部份-瘋狂表演秀

  • - That's right. With the economy the way it is retailers are doing everything they can


  • to pry dollars out of reluctant customers hands.

    "大卡車在這裡 喔!我買到了!

  • So, you know this is a very important season to retailers it could be 25 to 40 percent of their years total sales.

    那又是啥? 你那裡又有錄影機和DVD嗎?"

  • So if they can expand the shopping season by a little bit, by advancing it...

    嗨 艾瑞克 非常感謝你今天來上我們的節目

  • Anything in this economy helps.


  • - Well I mean, at this point though last year people were pinching pennies just as much as this year

    我們來跟艾瑞克談談黑色星期五 今年來得比較早

  • so why are we seeing this now?

    沒錯 照目前的經濟情況而言 零售商正竭盡所能

  • - Well we're seeing it now because it's a way to expand the shopping season


  • and give retailers that many more chances to...

    這是個非常重要的時節 因為這可能就佔了一年總收入的25%到40%

  • know, sink their hooks into you.

    所以如果他們能擴展消費季節 一點一滴地推進...

  • This is the world I grew up in.


  • Like many others I born with this bright, flashing, shiney promise shoved right in my face

    但我的意思是 在去年的這時候 人們就跟今年一樣省錢

  • that true happiness was just a credit card swipe away.


  • When I was a kid the world told me that the coolest kids wore the coolest sneakers.

    我們現在正看到人們消費 因為這是一種擴展消費季節的手段

  • When I got a little older it convinced me that my success was defined


  • by a college degree, and a job with benefits.

    ...你懂的 使人們上鉤去消費花錢

  • Today it reminds me endlessly that I should have another drink and buy a new car.


  • But I gotta tell you, the only real message I've heard through the noise

    如同其它人一樣 我生來就被這明亮又閃晶晶的承諾直直照在臉上

  • is that this world knows, better than I do


  • what's best for me.

    當我還是個孩子時 世界告訴我最屌的孩子穿著最潮的球鞋

  • >> It seems to me that most Americans have internalized the propaganda

    當我長大一點 世界使我相信成功的定義在於

  • that consumerism pummles and plies them with daily.


  • So, we internalize this system, we can't envisage anything different.

    今天世界又無止盡地提醒我 該去喝另一杯酒和買新車了

  • A number of people were speaking about, "Well why do people break windows and steal consumer goods?"

    但我要告訴你 我從這些雜訊中聽到的唯一真正訊息

  • The poor have been pummeled with this propaganda.


  • What do you expect them to do, go out and loot a good job and good education?


  • >> Captain Capitalism! Wow!

    對我而言 似乎大部份的美國人已吸收了這些灌輸

  • What are you doing here?


  • >> I think the better questions son is, just what do you think YOU'RE doing here?

    所以我們已習慣了此體系 無法想像其它任何的可能性

  • >> Putting money in my piggybank!


  • >> Crippling our nation by stagnating the economy and throwing us into another recession is more like it!


  • >> Hey girl! Can you say "bling-bling"?

    你還能期待他們做什麼呢? 找到好工作並受到良好教育?

  • >> Why do we consume to such a crazy level?

    哇! 資本主義隊長!

  • A level that the research shows over and over


  • is undermining our health, our societal well-being, and the environment.

    小子 我認為更好的問題是 "你認為你在這裡做什麼?"

  • We have to step back from before even starting this


  • to recognize that most of what we do, most of what we see as "normal"

    但這樣比較像透過減緩經濟消費而殘害國家 把人們推入另一次衰退!

  • is actually shaped by our cultural norms.

    嘿 小姐 你會說:"珠光寶氣嗎?"

  • And unfortunately, where we are today is that culture has made Consumerism


  • feel "normal", or "natural".

    研究已一次又一次地指出 這種程度的消費

  • So that watching 5 hours of television a day as a child

    正在破壞我們的健康 社會福祉和環境

  • or drinking huge caffeinated beverages at 5 years old

    甚至在開始討論之前 我們必須退一步

  • as this picture here suggests


  • is ok... We don't even question it anymore.


  • You know, and a strong illustration of that for me is this series of pictures.

    而不幸地 我們今日的文化造就了消費主義

  • Now if you can't see, up at the top-right there's a little girl


  • surrounded by all of her pink toys.


  • This is a little Korean girl.


  • The artist actually was more interested in the genderfication process of children


  • Just look from how young we are brought into the consumer culture


  • where we define our well-being, our happiness, our leisure

    對我而言 強烈的說明證據是這一系列的照片

  • through the stuff we have. Through the stuff that surrounds us.

    如果你看不到的話 其實在右上角有一位小女孩

  • And here's a picture of an American little girl


  • of course, with the princess outfit


  • which I've discovered from my own four nieces that... well, it's big business.


  • Disney makes multiple billions of dollars a year


  • selling their Disney princess fantasies to little girls.


  • So around the industrial world and increasingly in developing countries

    定義自身的幸福 快樂 悠閒 即透過環繞我們四周的東西

  • consumerism, is becoming the default cultural pattern.


  • >> In the 1950s... late 50s, early 60s...

    當然 穿著公主裝

  • a bunch of advertising guys got together

    我從自己的四位姪女中發現到... 呃 這是能賺錢的大生意

  • in Madison avenue, and decided that what they were trying to do


  • was sell products to younger people

    將迪士尼對於"公主"的美好幻想 販賣給女童們

  • They thought "we should try and sell products to younger people because then they'll buy things their whole life."

    所以在工業化的世界 以及越來越多的發展中國家裡

  • So they'll try and sell them soft drinks, or bread, or cigars


  • or whatever the hell they were selling them, and they thought...

    在1950年代或晚期 及1960年代早期

  • "We'll try and appeal to young people."


  • because the youth was the place where you were going to be able to sell things

    在麥德遜大道(美國廣告業中心) 他們決定試試看

  • and what happened was that, in a strange kind of quirk of fate


  • youth began to be celebrated by society

    他們想:"我們應該試著賣東西給年輕人 這樣他們就會終生消費買東西"

  • in a way that it had never been at any time in human history

    所以他們將試著賣軟性飲料 麵包或雪茄

  • because what used to be celebrated was experience and cleverness

    或者他們想賣給年輕人的任何狗屁東西 並認為:

  • but what happened was that what became valuable was youth


  • the quality of youth which made you a consumer


  • so what happened is that they started concentrating on all of these people


  • society started to turn on its head


  • because with the deification of youth...


  • Youth has a byproduct. The byproduct of youth is inexperience.


  • By the nature of having youth, you don't have any experience, you're too young to have it.


  • It became fashionable and desirable to be young and to be stupid!


  • And it started to be a fashion, and that grew, and that grew


  • and that grew, and that grew...


  • and now, that's what all the kids want to be.


  • and this terrible movement... nobody meant it!

    年輕有個副作用 那就是"無經驗的嫩逼"

  • >> Everytime that I open my mouth critically, with regards to this country

    由於年輕的本質 你沒有任何經驗 因為太年輕了而不可能擁有

  • everytime I feel like I want to criticize this country


  • There's this little nagging voice in the back of my head that says...

    這種情況開始流行起來 越演越烈

  • "How dare you Paul. "


  • "Do you know how fat and lazy you are? Do you know how priviledged you are?"


  • "How dare you criticize this country."


  • "How dare you sit there, in your life of abject luxury and criticize this great country!"


  • "How dare you."


  • But you know what, ladies and gentlemen?


  • I cannot carry the torch anymore for this country.

    "保羅 你算啥咖洨啊?

  • America is not the "land of the free", nor is it the "home of the brave"...

    你知道你多胖又懶嗎? 你知道你有多幸運嗎?

  • It is neither of those things.


  • America is a country of aggressively ignorant fucking cowards.

    你竟敢坐在那享受你"淒慘的奢華生活" 並批評這偉大的國家!

  • People that are just willing to hand over their civil liberties


  • lock, stock and barrel

    但各位先生女士 你們知道嗎?

  • without even taking the time to inform themselves.


  • They're so stupid and so diluted

    美國不是"自由之地" 也不是"勇氣的國度"

  • and so caught in the quagmire that is there empty info-tainment filled lives


  • that they just line up for somebody to tell them how they should feel.


  • The real problem is us. We're the problem


  • because we're too distracted by bullshit that's on the fucking T.V.


  • to stand up for what's in our best interests.


  • What's the answer to that? How do you stop that?


  • >> Individually, they earn about $12 a week in allowance.

    而且如此身陷泥沼 被困在充滿爆炸性數量的空虛資訊和娛樂生活中

  • But collectively, 8 to 12 year old kids in the U.S, 20 million strong

    所以美國人只是在排隊 等著某人告訴他們應如何看待現實

  • wield 43 billion dollars of their parents money in annual spending power

    真正的問題是我們 我們才是問題

  • and they've got the stars to prove it.


  • >> What makes her a superstar on the launch-pad?


  • >> When she walked in and said, "Hi I'm Victoria Justice and I'm 12 years old."


  • I was like, "Alright, this kid has real charisma."

    以個人而言 他們每人每週賺了大約12美元的零用錢

  • I'm thinking, "This is a kid I want to probably develop a T.V. show for. "

    但整體而言 兩千萬位8到12歲的美國小孩

  • >> Do you want to be a movie star? Or, a singing star?