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  • -Eddie, when you and I... we go back a very very long way. -Yeah, such a long way.

    -艾迪,我跟你...... 我們交情匪淺耶 -對,認識很久了

  • We both attended the Jackie Palmer Stage School in High Wycombe, in Buckinghamshire.

    我們都讀 Jackie Palmer 演藝學校,在白金漢郡的海威科姆

  • What do you remember of this time?


  • I now hear you say it with such pride, it gives me goosebumps.


  • So this Jackie Palmer Stage School was this amazing place, and I remember going...

    恩所以這個 Jackie Palmer Stage School 很棒,我記得...

  • I would go and there would be these concerts and theatre pieces,


  • and I didn't really have any friends...


  • and I would go, and I would sing, 'cause I was obsessed with singing then,


  • and I would like be the guy that sang like "Memory" from Cats.

    我會唱《貓》的成名曲 "Memory"

  • And James used to be rapping and doing street dance.


  • And I was like... no but it was genuinely, I was a bit scared of him.

    我那時候... 可是真的,我那時候真的有點怕他

  • -Was he a bully? -A little bit. -I was older than you! I was four years above, so...

    - 他那時候很愛霸凌別人嗎?- 還好啦 - 因為我那時候比你大啊!我比你老了整整四屆,所以...

  • - Are you one of the cool kids? - Yeah.

    - 你那時候是那種愛耍酷的小孩嗎?- 是啊

  • - I was the cool kid. - You were the cool kid. You were like the leader of the pack?

    - 我是啊我那時候很酷 - 嗯對啦。你是帶頭的嗎?

  • I wasn't the leader. There were a lot more other leaders.


  • There was a guy called James Wilson, and Thomas, and they were very much the coolest.


  • And they were in my year. But yeah, you singing "Memory", I remember that. I remember that, it was amazing.

    而且他們跟我同年。好啦但是我記得你唱 "Memory",蠻好聽的真的

  • -Sing it now. Sing it! -I knew coming on this show is a bad idea.

    - 唱!唱!- 我就知道參加這個節目不是個好主意

  • - If only we had a clip of you singing that. - No no no no no no...

    - 如果我們有你那時候唱歌的影片就好了。- 喔不,不不不不不

  • No...


  • - Oh, it's beautiful! It's beautiful! - So sweet, Eddie!

    - 噢,很好聽啊!超好聽的!- 很可愛啊 Eddie

  • - And you know, I think they might be making a film of that.

    - 你知道嗎,我覺得可能會有人想要把這個拍成電影

  • Well, there you go! It was beautiful. I could remember everyone in the wings that day


  • going "That guy is gonna win an Oscar."


  • - Not even that guy... this guy. Because there was an agency, there was a stage call, where we had an agency, -It was awful.

    - 而不是那個傢伙... 這個。因為那時候我們的演藝學校有個經紀公司... - 那時候很慘啦

  • where you would go up for auditions, and here's Eddie's headshot.

    然後他們會叫你上去試鏡,這是 Eddie 那時候的大頭照

  • - I was Edward, by the way. - Edward. Edward Redmayne.

    - 然後我那時候叫 Edward - Edward, Edward Redmayne

  • - There you are there. There you are there, looking beautiful. I'll bring myself in. There's mine. -Nice.

    - 看看你那時候,小時候就那麼可愛。我自己也來,這是我那時候的照片 -不錯啊

  • It's... cheeky chubby.

    嗯... 圓滾滾的

  • I love your special skills.


  • What I love here, which I never knew was in there, sings, dances,


  • runs pop group "Insatiable", which was my band at school.


  • - But I also love that you ran it. - Yeah, I love it very much.

    - 你那時候組團很棒啊 -對啊,我也很愛我的樂團

  • Well, you're not getting away with it, Chastain.


  • Look at this little cheeky one. Look at her! Look!


  • Are you sure that's not Eddie?

    你確定這不是 Eddie 嗎?

  • It could be! But, the truth is, that could be Eddie in the Danish Girl. It actually could be!

    喔!有可能耶,真的,這有可能是《丹麥女孩》裡面的 Eddie!真的有可能耶!

  • Walk us through this photo. Were you auditioning for Annie at the time, or?

    簡單跟我們說一下這張照片吧。妳那時候是要試鏡 Annie 的角色嗎?

  • I thought that was the cool way to dress.


  • No, I wanted a perm, it's, you know, just thought a perm would be cool, and it gave me the biggest red fro!


  • I had it four years, I had missed my teeth, I had red cowboy boots I rocked through high school.


  • Not high school, this is not my high school.


  • Yeah this is... this is... how old are you there?


  • - Uh, probably eight? I don't know. I think you got that from my mother, so she would know. - It's beautiful.

    - 呃,大概八歲吧?我也不知道。你應該是從我媽媽那裡拿到這張照片的,所以她應該知道。- 很漂亮

-Eddie, when you and I... we go back a very very long way. -Yeah, such a long way.

-艾迪,我跟你...... 我們交情匪淺耶 -對,認識很久了

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