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  • Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe has declared his confidence in Donald Trump, after his first meeting with the US president-elect.


  • The positive comments suggested Mr. Trump wants to work with US allies despite his aggressive campaign rhetoric against many Asian countries.


  • German‘s finance minister has taken a tough stance on the terms of Britain's exit from the EU.


  • Wolfgang Schäuble said that even after leaving the Union, the UK would have to pay into the EU budget for more than a decade.

    Wolfgang Schäuble (德國財政部長) 表示,即便英國脫離歐盟,英國在未來的十多年,可能還是必須支付歐盟的預算帳單

  • The British government had hoped Berlin would soften Europe's stance on Brexit.


  • And an autumnal delicacy has thrown light on China's pollution crisis.


  • The hairy crab is a favorite in Hong Kong restaurants.


  • But this year’s consignment contained dangerous levels of cancer-causing chemicals, which are thought to originate from pollutants in Chinese soil.


Welcome to First FT.

歡迎來到 First FT


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亞伯-特朗普會議,Schäuble的立場|FirstFT (Abe-Trump meeting, Schäuble stance | FirstFT)

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