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  • Can I help you?

  • I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure.

  • Adventure?

  • Yes, a 48 frames per second 3D adventure.

  • Filled with stone giants, bickering trolls,

  • and goblin kings with scrotum beards.

  • (cough)

  • I'm sorry, did you say scrotum beards?


  • 11, 12, that makes 13.

  • Where is Bilbo?

  • He left us! We will not be seeing our Hobbit again!

  • He is long gone!

  • No he isn't! Here I am!

  • Oh!

  • Well... this is... awkward.

  • How on earth did you get passed the gobblins?

  • Oh well, you know. No big deal really.

  • I just...

  • slipped right past.

  • Yes well,

  • What was that?

  • What? What was What?

  • What was THAT!

  • What? Nothing! I didn't do anything.

  • You put something in your pocket just now.

  • Whaaaaat? Nooooo.

  • I didn't.

  • Bilbo, I have a very bad feeling about this.

  • Now tell me what is in your pocket!

  • It's funny that same question got me out of a jam earlier.

  • Oh! I don't believe this. Come with me!

  • Ah! Alright!

  • Where are you going?

  • To find a butterfly! Don't worry about it!

  • But what if someone attacks us while you're gone?

  • Then climb a tree! I don't know. I'll save you at the last second.

  • We'll be right back!

  • Well that was odd.

  • You have an axe coming out of your face!

  • Do you know that?

  • Why don't we travel this way all of the time?!

  • (bird squawk)

  • Cast it into the fire!

  • No!

  • Yes!

  • NO!

  • You cast that ring into the fire this very instant!

  • I don't want to!

  • Bilbo if you do not throw that ring into the fire I'll be forced to cast you in with it!

  • Now, DO IT!

  • But it makes me invisible!

  • I LOVE IT!

  • One!

  • It's mine!

  • Two!

  • No! You can't make me do it!

  • Threeeeee!

  • The precious!!!!

  • What the?

  • (laughing)

  • huh?

  • (kaboom)

  • There. It is done.

  • *sigh*

  • I sure hope we will not need that ring later.

  • The dragon lives!

  • Run for your life!

  • Oh! Thanks a lot, Gandalf!

  • (RAWR)

  • It's now over

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  • but please becareful

  • don't feed the trolls.

Can I help you?


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【微電影】哈比人應該這樣死 (How The Hobbit Should Have Ended)

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