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  • November 14th is in the books on Wall Street


  • and it is a day characterized by investors continuing to reposition after Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election.


  • US treasuries along with other global benchmarks sovereign debt continue to sell off on Monday


  • as the prospect of tax cut and infrastructure spending are increasing expectations for US growth and inflation, pushing rates higher.


  • The probability of a rate increase by The Federal Reserve when it meets in December


  • is now at 92% with analysts beginning to question

    已達到 92%,分析家開始質疑

  • whether rapidly rising inflation expectations and a steepening yield curve may push the Fed to raise rates more quickly through 2017.

    是否預期快速上升的通膨與越趨陡峭的收益率曲線,會使美國聯邦儲備局在 2017年更快速的調升利率

  • In equity markets the S&P 500 edged slightly lower, curtailing its strong rally from last week which ranked as its best in two years.

    在股票市場,標準普爾 500指數稍微下跌,停止了自上週以來兩年內最好的強勢回升

  • The US dollar continue to climb also spurred by rising growth expectations.


  • A strong dollar in turn is weighing on oil markets and Brent Crude slipped below 44 dollars before stablizing in the afternoon.

    但強勁的美元造成了石油市場的壓力,布倫特原油下跌至 44美元,下午才穩定下來

  • Doubts over OPEC's ability to agree, supply curves continues to drive prices lower.

    而因懷疑 OPEC是否會同意,供給曲線也持續使價格走低

  • And that's the New York Minute.

    謝謝收看 New York Minute

November 14th is in the books on Wall Street



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