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  • I used to do a little...

  • mini series,

  • here on the channel, well I guess I'm still doing it.

  • It's just that I haven't updated that series in a while

  • It's myself, making a commitment to switch

  • to another phone.

  • I don't mean, like, for a day,

  • I don't mean for a video, I mean

  • as my daily driver.

  • It means in my pocket, on a daily bases.

  • There's probably no device in my life

  • like my smartphone, right.

  • There's none that you interact with on such regular bases

  • Maybe my workstation but this thing

  • goes with me everywhere

  • now you probably noticed

  • that on the table sits a Galaxy S7

  • This S7 was actually the last switched video

  • video with the exception of that dumb phone challenge which as you know, well

  • so today i'll be switching from my tried and tested much-loved S7 to the iPhone 7

  • plus, this is important because i'm switching OS's OS's O-S-S truthfully this

  • is really the only way to get feedback from me on the pros and cons of

  • day-to-day life with these different platforms and different devices so what

  • am I excited for with this guy right here the iPhone 7 plus a few things to

  • be honest this camera it might be the best in the business right now so

  • starting from this point forward the point that you watch this video all my

  • Instagram photos Twitter photos and so on will be uploaded from this device for

  • your evaluation should follow me in those places if you don't already

  • it's a bigger phone I've never been a huge fan of giant phones

  • this is my first step into the plus round and this thing is a big phone I

  • told you before it's pretty slippery so i'll probably put a case on in fact I

  • have a comprehensive 7-plus case video and 7 case video coming up

  • after this so stay tuned for that i'll probably put a little case on it

  • honestly I'm excited to really dive deeper into this camera module and see

  • what I can do with it

  • the slightly improved audio coming out of it of course experimenting with iOS

  • 10 the display is supposedly a little bit better and also you know to see if I

  • can get used to this new home button home button that no longer clicks

  • things I'm afraid of

  • iMessage some people love iMessage in fact for some people iMessage is

  • reason that they're locked into the iOS platform, when your a person that switches

  • phone so often it can be a bit of a nightmare iMessages is meant to like

  • live on one sim card in one place without complications also just email

  • right like being a gmail user and having multiple gmail accounts that i manage

  • there's an abundance of ways to do that natively on Android might be a little

  • bit more of a headache on iOS the critical moment android to iPhone, S7 to

  • 7 plus here comes the sim card the ceremonial moment

  • oh my goodness this is nerve-racking right now! Ooo its official, pick that up

  • Jack, here we go

  • your boy just officially switched to iPhone! Okay so check back here i'm going

  • to update you when I feel like I've gotta a real grip and will not be

  • touching this guy the old phone

  • am I going to stay switched!? or am I going to switch back!?... The saga continues

  • Wu-Tang

I used to do a little...


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切換到iPhone 7 Plus... ... (Switching To The iPhone 7 Plus...)

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