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♪You do things to my body♪.
♪I didn't know that I was starving 'till I tasted you♪
♪[Tasted you]♪
♪[Tasted You]♪
♪Somethin' inside me 's changed♪
♪I was so much younger yesterday♪
Hey Guys! It's WENGIE
Welcome back
and this is my favorite time of the week
So today we are going to do num num hugs
I have been eating so much of my food wrong.
My life is flashing before my eyes
So, today I wanted to show you twelve new ways to ways to eat your food
So mind blowing
Can't wait to share with you guys!
(( queue to the most adorable dance ever))
While watching the video, count how many ways you are eating your food wrong
I was eating ten ways wrong, so let me know what your number is down below.
But hold up, if you guys aren't part of the family yet here already
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And I love seeing all your support down there.
Thank you guys so much
I know we can do it.
So without further ado, let's get straight to the video because these are so cool!
Let's go!
I'm a super slow eater and that means my ice cream cone drips everywhere
by the time I'm, like, n-not even finished.
But, here's an awesome hack to prevent this from happening and it's super tasty as well.
Simply grab a marshmallow and pop it in the cone snuggly before you put your scoop of ice cream on top.
I love creamy mango ice cream, it is so yummy.
and finally you can add some berries on the sides of the cone.
and even a wedge of a fancy kiwi fruit and it'll make it super pretty
and as healthy as an ice cream can get .
that way when it drips down the marshmallow, it acts like a plug.
so you won't have to worry about it dripping through
and making the end of the cone soggy
Because, seriously, that is the best bit.
That is like my favorite. I-save it to the end and... yeah.
Not happy when it's soggy.
It's super tasty, and you won't even know it's there until you nom on it.
YUM! I love it when things are both functional and tasty.
♪Going down for real♪
♪This is my fight song!♪ ♪[This is how it ends~]♪
This hack is a great way to both cool and flavor your drink, in a healthier way.
Simply pour flavored Cordial or Kool-Aid into ice cube trays and freeze them.
I made my own healthy soda by adding some lemon, mint, and a few flavored ice cubes in a cup.
Then pour in some sparkly water or plain soda and the ice cubes will melt, and you have a light flavor as well as a super pretty color!
You can mix up flavors to make your own rainbow soda thats 'unicornially' refreshing
Yes, th-that's a word, Right?
Fruit salad on a stick-
Instead of serving fruit with a toothpick
It's even cuter on a skewer.
Try picking fruits that are different colors.
For my own skewer, I used purple grape
which is awesome to put at the ends to hold everything together.
Then, put a chopped banana
followed by a de-stemed strawberry
and then finally a blueberry to hold everything in place.
This is perfect when you are, like, skewering melons and things that slipper out
and ones like grapes, blueberries, strawberries, and really any kind of berry, are just really really easy to
skewer. Doesn't take much preparation
and this is perfect if you're super lazy.
Serve these with some natural yogurt that you can dip it in and it taste so yummy.
It's great for parties and when you have your friends over.
And it's perfect for a summer snack or anytime really.
Fruit is so good for you, you should have it every single day.
This is just a more fun way of eating it! Love Love Love!
So I usually cut oranges, like, the normal way
Into wedges.
A great hack is to cut the top and bottom off your orange
And then slice an opening down the side
Then you can simply use the opening to peel open the orange!
Keeping in tact that little pouch the juice bits sit in!
So you can just grab it with your fingers and eat it like a mandarin
This is such a neat way to pack oranges as well!
If you're going on a picnic, going to school, or even to work!
Keeping hydrated helps your lips look plumper and your skin look clear!
So drinking more water is SO important and is not only for your health
Make drinking water more fun by making some jumbo fruit ice cubes!
A great hack for this is to use a silicon muffin tray.
For ice cubes, I'm going to start off by slicing up some lemons.
Then rip off some fresh mint and put it aside.
Put one slice of lemon with a few mint leaves.
And fill it up with water.
And that's pretty much it for the refreshing one.
Next, I'm going to chop up some de-stemmed strawberries in half.
Place a few pieces with some blueberries
And fill it up with water
These ones are super colorful and will give your water a BERRY nice twist! c;
...Did ya get that? Get ya that?
I'm so cool ^^'
Once You're done adding ingredients, pop it in the freezer to freeze.
When it's ready, the silicon tray makes it so easy to pop out your jumbo fruit ice.
And then just put them in a pitcher and it will not only cool down the water..
It will release yummy, fruity scents and flavors into your water, as it melts!
So perfect to enjoy while you're relaxing near your pool, with a book, or however you like!
It's a super great twist on just plain water.
And makes it WAY more fun!
YUM! Mangoes are SO good, but they're so messy!
Here's an awesome hack for a mess-free mango-nomming session!
Just cut the mango into halves around the seed
And use the edge of a thin glass to carve out the yummy mango goodness
All you wanna do is place the glass on a steady surface and push the edge of the mango down.
Pushing the edge of the glass against the skin, so it will cut cleanly throughout the curve
Make sure the glass has a very thin edge as well!
This will make it easier to slice through.
When you're done, it should pop straight into the glass!
Look how cleanly cut it is, like, there is literally nothing left on the skin.
Then you can simply slice it up!
And have the fanciest looking mangoes ever!
That won't mess up my white swimsuit!
Super. Fancy.
"Fahn-cee" c:
So who peels bananas like this?
So this is right. NOT.
Actually, It's wrong! The monkies are the monsters of peeling bananas.
And apparently, they do it upside-down!
So just spin it around and you just give it a squeeze and it should pop right out.
This way, you don't end up with broken stems and broken banana-eating dreams..
And it also gives you a nifty handle to hold while you're eating it
Super Cool!
You know when you eat a watermelon and you get it on your face?
Yeah. That's always ME.
Also, I don't realize I have watermelon on my face. Yeah..That's also me!
So if you use this hack and prepare your watermelon; this should NOT happen ever again!
I'm all up for getting my dignity back!
So once you have your slice of watermelon, just simply cut off the edges in a triangle...
And that's pretty much it!
Your watermelon will look like a diamond as well!
So it's super pretty and you can eat it elegantly!
Now to find a diamond the size of a watermelon..So I can sell it to buy MORE watermelons!
Just Kidding..
Diamonds are so pretty! I want to keep it!
So I normally use a spoon to eat kiwi fruit, 'cause that's easy!
But when you wanna add a sliced kiwi to something, well, how do you go without leaving that fuzz behind?
Well..It's still with a spoon!
Cut the top and bottom off your kiwi fruit.
Grab a spoon and then just dig it in and spin it around. Sticking as close to the edge of the skin as possible.
And then it will just simply slide out!
Like seriously.
Watch this!
It works REALLY well on riper kiwis. So pick ones that are just more soft
And now you have a classy kiwi fruit. Instead of eating it with a spoon
Eating kiwi fruit like this made me feel sooo fancy!
I'm always up for a fresh and healthy salad,
and a super easy way to bring a salad snack with you is in a jar!
For my salad jar, I started off with cherry tomatoes.
Scooped in some avocado goodness.
Then put in some grated carrots and finished it off with some chopped up purple cabbage.
Which, by the way, is soooo good for you!
These veggies are not only great because they are less likely to get soggy in a jar..
The more colors you have on your plate, the wider the variety of nutrients you are getting!
This, of course, only applies to natural foods.
And put a little bit of balsamic vinegar dressing on top, so you don't have to deal with it leaking in your bag.
Or finding a separate container for your dressing.
And when you're ready to eat, simply open the lid and you are ready to nom! ^o^
And you don't even have to eat it all!
'Cause you can just close the lid and eat it later as well.
So it's so practical and SO cute!
So, If I asked my past self if I would ever de-stem strawberries.
I'd be like, "Hell no! That's way too much effort!"
Ever since I saw this hack, I was like, "Woah! Wait a minute! I've got to do this."
So just grab a straw and poke it through the bottom.
And Voila!! De-stemmed strawberry!!
Seriously. This is, like, so sweet. You can totally make strawberry pops with this as well.
By keeping the straw in.
That will be so cute.
Sometimes when you're having a hard time pushing the straw through,
You can actually give it a little bit of a twist and then it will go straight through!
And it's best if you use a thin plastic straw, as well.
I found that that worked the best.
Also, the tube of the straw will start to fill up with strawberry insides and they look so funny
when you pull them out
And now Ialso found a use for my straws after I've finished my drink.
And if you guys DO use any of these, don't forget to share them with me!
On #wengiecorns
And lets TOTALLY hang during the week on my social media; Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, or my vlog!
You know I'll miss you guys!
Until next time, I'll see you soon!
Bye! ^u^ *muah*


11 正確食野方法 (11 Everyday Foods That You're Eating Wrong!!)

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