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[ Music ]
>> There's just a sensation that you get from being at Penn State.
>> The best part about Penn State
is just being a part of the family.
>> We are --
>> There's never a dull moment ever.
>> There's just a vibe.
Everybody's so energetic.
>> It's like Penn State everywhere
and I think that's so cool.
>> I chose the University Park
because there's no place I would rather be.
[ Music ]
>> It's such a nice atmosphere
here because it is the
main campus.
It's so nice.
Like look at outside today.
Old Main Lawn
and it's beautiful right now.
>> My favorite part about a Penn Stater
is how great it's looked upon for the education aspect.
Being labeled as a Penn Stater is fantastic.
[ Music ]
>> The teachers definitely are
great and I feel
like that's the most important part about being in school.
>> We may have some bigger classrooms
and yeah,
I have lectures where there's up to 400 people
but if you go
to your professor's office hours,
they're going
to be willing to work with you
with whatever you need.
>> It's important for students
to be comfortable in coming
and talking to faculty,
research people,
et cetera across the campus.
That's where a lot of learning goes on.
And it's also the most rewarding for us.
>> Yeah exactly.
>> So you begin to have somewhat
of a mentor that one on one time with professor is huge.
[ Music ]
>> Well most of the freshmen live in East Residence halls.
So it's kind of nice.
Everybody, all the freshmen
are together.
You'll meet your roommate.
You'll be friends with everyone on your floor
which is really neat.
>> I love it.
I have an awesome floor whom I'm
very, very close with.
>> You'll see kids
out playing sand volleyball on the courts
or they'll be playing Frisbee
or throwing a football around just in the quads
which is really cool just
to kind of get to know the other kids in your dorm
and just be a Penn State student.
[ Music ]
>> There's a lot of options for eating.
There's the dining commons at each residence hall.
It's kind of cool
because you can have an app on your phone
that tells you the menus that the dining services are providing each day.
Then there's also different little cafes and then each residence hall.
There's kind of a like little market that you can go to.
So you can kind of choose where you want to go
and make your selection according to that.
[ Music ]
>> There's clubs for basically anything you're interested in.
I mean there's a Harry Potter Appreciation Club
which I think is the coolest thing in the world.
[ Music ]
>> Well I've been involved with horses since I was 5.
I've been riding since then
and I just want to continue it into college.
And the Equestrian [inaudible]
really, it's a really fun outlet
to just get away
from all the academics
and all the stress.
[ Music ]
>> The goal of the Lunar Lion Team is
to put Penn State on the moon,
plain and simple.
This is definitely a stepping stone to broaden our educational
and Penn State's research capabilities in the space industry.
[ Music ]
>> Being on a team is really
just coming in
and you automatically have 15 sisters caring on their tradition
that is Penn State volleyball.
And knowing that just being a part of that is a really incredible feeling.
>> Anything you wanted to do here, you can do it.
It's really a great place to be.
[ Music ]
>> Being a Penn State the alumni network is so good
and I feel
like getting a job will be easy
but also the fact that there's
so much school pride here.
And it's just awesome.
You always see people walking around with their Penn State sweatshirts and everything.
And I think that's so cool.
[ Music ]
>> I think it's impacted everything about my life.
I think just coming here,
making new friends,
it's really a great step in the independent direction.
I felt myself grow up in a way
but then at the same time,
really maintain the core values
of who I am and apply that to who I want to be.
[ Music ]
>> Penn State has shaped my entire life.
I guess my favorite part about being a Penn Stater is
how great it's looked upon
for the education aspect
and I think that's what's going
to take me the longest way after my college career.
[ Music ]
>> We are --
>> We are --
>> We are Penn State.
>> We are --
>> Penn State.
>> We are Penn State.
>> We are --
>> Penn State.
>> Penn State University Park.
[ Music ]


世界大學排名第12名─賓州州立大學總校區介紹 (Penn State University Park)

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