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A lot of you guys ask me how I got into Harvard.
And since I have no life and no job,
I decided to make a short video with five basic steps
on how you can get into Harvard.
Welcome to the first day of class.
Today I'll be teaching you how to get into Harvard.
Harvard! That's my favorite law school. I really wanna go there.
Yeah Harvard!
Have you ever had homework problems that you couldn't solve?
Step 1: Get glasses
If you already have glasses, get bigger glasses.
Couldn't have done it without the glasses.
Step 2: Play an instrument
Everyone plays the piano.
Or the violin.
But who plays the... triangle.
Exactly. No one.
Step 3: Improve test taking skills
It's imperative to hone your test-taking skills by working fruitfully on your hand-eye coordination.
A good warmup is essential.
Spend at least 15 minutes every day playing Fruit Ninja.
Killed it. Thank you Fruit Ninja.
Step 4: Practice while you study
Oh shoot. I forgot a book.
And one!
Study while you practice
Okay. Jeremy.
6 x 6
9 x 8
211 x 28
Uhh.. uhh..
Step 5: Be up to date with the news
For example, who knew The Dow Jones is down 5 points today?
Who's Dow?
What team does he play for? Did they win?
Oh you mean Dow Ming!
Hopefully my video will help you get into Harvard or the school of your choice.
If I could go back into high school, I would only change one thing.
I would still make sure I'd try to give my best effort,
but I would worry a lot less and I'll enjoy that experience.
Those 4 years in high school. Because they really do fly by.
Even when I got rejected from Stanford,
I was pretty disappointed and crushed because that was my dream school.
But looking back, I realized God had a perfect plan for me and everything had worked out the way it was supposed to.
Wow Ryan! You look like you're ready for Harvard!
You betcha teacher!
A lot of you guys asked me how I got into Harvard.
And since I have no ide--
Bigger glasses
For extra credit, get 3D glasses.
...oh shoot.
I'm so weak, I'm sorry.
Alright. That's perfect.



要怎麼上哈佛?讓林書豪告訴你!(How to Get into Harvard ft. Ryan Higa)

40935 分類 收藏
Colleen Jao 發佈於 2016 年 11 月 14 日    Anita Lin 翻譯    Colleen Jao 審核
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