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Hi guys hope you're well, okay we are doing Jam Jar Salads
something you can rustle together very very quickly,
something portable
it could save you a load of money this is the principal that in your working days at
work you could be only having delicious healthy food we want to have all the
elements of a balanced plate so also we want to get it there you know if you put
the dressing at the top it's gonna make everything soggy so there's a kind of order
that we can do
lovely complex carbohydrates dressing and dairy two or three of your 5 fruit
and veg a day
yes this is good stuff proteins we've got nuts they're completely nutritionally
balanced we have an Italian one, we've got an Indian one here
crunchy Papadum at the top always crunchy things the top and wet things
like the dressing down at the bottom so it doesn't kinda go soggy, we want that we've
got a Moroccan one all of these things that I'm going to talk about are under 600
calories so I'm gonna do a British inspired one, glasses beautiful also
you've got tupperware and plastic stuff here so first up carbs now you can
swap this out for rice whole wheat couscous pasta you name it that seventy
five grams of any carb , pearl barley is great because it's very very British it's going
to release energy nice and slowly so gonna keep you fuller for longer next
up beets there are raw just give them a wash, grate them and get amazing color the whole
point of these jam jar salads is that it shouldn't take any more than about three
minutes to put together just grab and go so in with our beets at the bottom so it's not
going to color anything else
underneath it other than the pearl barley we need to do a dressing now extra
virgin olive oil
don't forget it's a hundred and twenty calories per tablespoon ok now I know
you're hearing that from me who loves extra virgin olive oil but then we gonna go
zero fat organic yogurt 2 tablespoons as it's zero fat it's kind of giving you
the ability to use the extra virgin olive oil
and a quality one at that we want it to be purely beautiful and balanced and
healthy we want a pinch of salt and pepper a nice heaped teaspoon of grated
horseradish from the jar a little squeeze of lemon juice just to give it a
nice little zing it's really really good we could put a few more beats in
there, spinach watercress very very British then we can go in with our protein
this is topside of beef really lean, about 70 80 grams is perfect little bit more spinach
and watercress really pack that in the lovely red apple that will go brown and a way
to fix it is just a little squeeze of lemon juice and give it a little toss
around you can see even that little bit of beetroot look at how that's changed the colour
straightaway pop it in push it down there we go
walnuts are actually one of the kings of the nut world
four is all you need good for heart health sprinkle that on top
ok lovely people so we have done my expression of a British jam jar salad
we got fruit we got veg we got nuts let's make work lunches count let's get office envy up what is
your best combination cause I know you guys have got amazing ideas make sure we
follow that mantra of balance so complex carbs proteins fruit veg dairy
getting in there mixing it up you know different flavours and herbs and sort of influences
from other countries come on guys let's get the conversation going put your
favourite combo in the comments box below
I'll be watching them if you want more inspiration for meals on the go then my
wife, yes Jools Oliver, click over there on the box
she's done some breakfasts on the go because she's really busy in the morning
kids all over the place and sometimes she needs brekkie that's healthy
on-the-go so feel free to click over there until next time, Bye!
this recipe is from my book Everyday Super Food
loads of recipes to help you live happier and healthier
click the link below to find out more



沙拉帶著走-傑米奧利弗教你做美味沙拉罐 (Healthy Jam Jar Salads | Jamie Oliver)

37418 分類 收藏
Jamie 榕 發佈於 2017 年 9 月 3 日    Jamie 榕 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核
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