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  • VO: The Tesla Model S P90D is nothing short of an automotive revolution.

  • A fully electric, 762-horsepower, $100,000+ marvel

  • With an autopilot feature that empowers the truly lazy drivers

  • to revolutionize their commute.

  • And our friends at Slow News Day got their hands on one.

  • GINNARD: Good morning, sunshine!

  • Glad you could join us.

  • ADAM: We haven't crashed!

  • ADAM: So, we're on highway 65

  • in rush hour traffic on a Friday.

  • And we're gonna test this autopilot out

  • on what would be a normal commute in the city.

  • It's not a "self-driving" car, but it will

  • autopilot for you when you're staying on the same road.

  • GINNARD: About to engage...

  • ADAM: Engage autopilot!

  • GINNARD: Engaaaaage.

  • ADAM: So you can see that the traffic is pretty slow here.

  • GINNARD: So my hands are off the steering wheel right now,

  • off the pedal right now

  • I'm not doing anything. The car is actually driving itself

  • as we speak.

  • VO: The autopilot navigated the straightaways without a problem

  • So it was time to give it a real test.

  • GINNARD: Let's see how well it does on the ramp here.

  • This is pretty big. This is not your normal...

  • ADAM: This is not just a straight road.

  • GINNARD: So my hands are off the steering wheel.

  • Adam, make sure your hands are off.

  • ADAM: My hands are up in the air for some reason.

  • GINNARD: Ok, alright. And we are turning!

  • ADAM: It's doing it.

  • GINNARD: It is. It's doing it.

  • It's doing it really well, too.

  • ADAM: Yeah!

  • GINNARD: I get to look at this view! While driving!

  • VO: The Tesla's a pro at staying in one lane.

  • But we wanted to find out if it could change lanes automatically, too.

  • GINNARD: I'm gonna use my blinker to get over.

  • Hopefully it'll be aware of that...

  • Ah, there it goes. And it did it.

  • And it's aware of the car in front of us

  • and it slowed down.

  • That was...that was insane.

  • ADAM: That was close.

  • GINNARD: That wasn't close. That was awesome!

  • ADAM: That was close.

  • VO: It became clear that we were in good hands with the P90D.

  • But with all the new free time the autopilot afforded us,

  • what were we gonna do with it?

  • GINNARD: Adam, you just take over, alright?

  • And I'm gonna...

  • ADAM: Don't try this at home.

  • GINNARD: Oh my gosh...

  • ADAM: Boom, boom!

  • GINNARD: Noooooooo!

  • ADAM: Oh yeah!

  • ADAM: So, we're still in the autopilot. Haven't had to touch it...

  • The car has taken care--we've played Jenga, we've played Checkers...

  • The car has taken care of the fact that we are still safely on the road.

  • And we were completely, uh, negligent, about driving safely.

  • VO: Now that we'd had our fun, it was time to return the Tesla to its owner.

  • We couldn't help trying out the "insane mode" acceleration

  • before giving it back.

  • GINNARD: Thanks for joining us everybody.

  • That concludes our, uh, our autopilot Tesla video today.

  • I'm Ginnard.

  • ADAM: I'm Adam.

  • GINNARD: We will see you next time!

  • ADAM: Engage!

  • ADAM: (screaming)

  • (both screaming)

  • GINNARD: Oh my god that was insane!

  • ADAM: That's why they call it "insane mode."

VO: The Tesla Model S P90D is nothing short of an automotive revolution.


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特斯拉的Model S自動駕駛很神奇! (Tesla's Model S Autopilot is Amazing!)

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