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What are you gonna miss the most of it?
I know you're looking forward to like you said rolling a window down and walking
and doing things that you haven't been able to do, but what are you gonna miss?
>> It's really the people.
I think about the girls have grown up in the White House,
I mean the staff that's there, we see them everyday.
These are people who have helped us raise our kids, they've loved us,
they're taking care of us and the minute we leave, that's it.
So it's really the people that we'll miss most.
And I'm sure the girls will have a tough time.
They think they're ready, but when you've grown up in a place, I mean imagine,
they won't be able to just knock on the door and say can I see my room.
That's not going to happen.
So we're trying to have them step back and
really appreciate the walk on the South Lawn, sitting on the Truman balcony.
I mean so, we just wanna keep creating some memories for them as well.
>> Yeah, because talk about not having perspective.
They really have grown up and
gotten used to that and what an amazing experience they have had.
>> Yeah, Yeah. >> It's incredible
>> I'm proud of them.
They've really managed this so well.
I just love them to death.
The big thing I've always worried about was making sure that they got out of
this whole.
And I'm just proud that they're poised, smart, intelligent young women.
>> They are, they are.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> I mean.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> I
met them eight years ago when you brought them here to see the Jonas Brothers.
>> That's right.
>> And that was the first time that I met you and the girls outside.
>> That's right outside, yeah.
I got that picture in my dressing room.
>> Do you? I mean it's amazing when you look at how
long ago that was.
And then of course I know them a little bit now, and
it's hard enough to raise children, period, but to raise children in front
of everyone in the White House and they have done, you've done an amazing job.
Do you feel like and I'm sure you did feel pressured to be the first
African-American First Lady, like there's some kind of responsibility or.
>> Well one of the things I know from sitting in this position that every
First Lady feels some level of pressure.
I mean this is a big platform and you don't wanna mess it up.
So I wouldn't dare to compare my experience to any former First Lady, but
I do take the role seriously.
I do, as I said in my convention speech, I know that kids are watching us.
They're watching what we say, what we do, and
Barack and I have tried to make sure that what kids are seeing
is something that they can be proud of, because it matters.
>> You have accomplished that.
You have accomplished that and I know you know that, but you should feel very proud.
Both of you should feel very proud.
Like I said, we will miss you so much,
because it has been a joy and I feel proud to call you a friend.
>> It has been an honor.
>> I mean, an honor and I wasn't the political spouse.
I was very hesitant about this, but it's truly been an honor to serve,
to travel this country, to meet so many great people.
I have so much hope for this nation and I hope that everybody else does too.
We have some great young people, we've got great communities.
I just wish everyone have the opportunity to travel the country like
we have had because you would feel good everyday about where we live.
This is the best country on Earth.


Michelle Obama失去正常生活經歷 2 (Michelle Obama Talks Legacy and White House Memories)

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