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Look, they're still here.
Look, look, look.
Oh, just check it here.
Dan, have a look at this incredible fish.
Lovely snapper.
And I've got a cracker whole fish barbecue recipe for you.
Really simple, fresh ingredients, lots of punchy flavors that I know you love.
Oh, all about that.
Alright, so we got this beautiful fish but first,
we're gonna pack in some flavor.
Some, er, lemon slices for me, mate.
They're gonna fill the cavity, alright?
Happy dates, mate.
Happy days.
While you're doing that, I'm gonna grate up some ginger.
Mate, that looks lovely.
Can you do some chilli for me as well?
On diagonal?
Yeah, but as you can see, super fresh flavors goes great with the seafood.
What else do you need, mate?
Garlic, just some slices for me.
Um, so the fish.
What I've done is just taken the scales off, cleaned them off, guts out.
And what I'm gonna do now is just score the flesh on both sides, OK?
That opens it up, is gonna allow a lot of that flavor to get
in there.
Also gonna help with the cooking time as well.
Now, this sort of stuff for me is real summery...
It's all about friends, it's getting around a barbecue together, sharing
It's the sort of stuff that we love.
Oh man, that looks beautiful.
I'm just gonna give this guy a little rub with some rice bran oil.
When you're doing your fish, just be careful, 'cause this guy is gonna have some
spiky little fins up there.
OK, Dan, what I'm gonna do is now, sort of, sort out a little capsule that
we're gonna cook it on the barbecue in.
But first, I'm gonna just whip the barbecue on.
This is seriously, though...
Are you good at wrapping Christmas presents?
Oh, I'm so average.
This technique is not about grilling it, it's not about getting color on the fish,
it's just about locking in all those flavors.
Sort of, steaming it, getting it in there and that's what we want, OK?
I love that.
Just letting it do its own thing, you know?
Staying on itself.
Is that, just like that?
That's perfect, mate.
I love it.
OK, Dan, some of that lemon in the cavity would be great.
I'll hold it open.
Just get it in there?
Yeah, shove it in there.
Love it, love it.
Just grab some of this ginger.
That's gonna get rubbed on to the skin as well.
That's the love, isn't it?
Few of your garlic little slices.
Wanna grab some chilli and sprinkle over the top?
I would love to, mate.
Just like this?
Yeah, that's great.
Same thing on the other side, please.
I'll get the ginger.
Give it some DC love.
Look at that.
Get right in there.
Couple of lemon slices on there.
That's beautiful, mate.
And then, all it is, we're just gonna get this in the center
so we can wrap it up.
This is gonna have all those beautiful Asian flavors in there, you know.
We're not over-complicating it.
All I'm gonna do, throw it on the barbecue when we come back to it.
There it is.
Now, I'm just gonna get her out.
I've got so much amazing aroma coming.
Now, Dan, just to finish it off, a couple of little garnishes with some wedges.
Just do that into quarters.
Mate, it would be an honor.
Coriander as well.
Just squeeze them over the top.
This is gonna make a bit of a sauce.
That sesame oil.
That's beautiful.
And today, I'm gonna serve it with some coconut rice.
Really simple stuff.
I know you love it.
Happy days.


TLC旅遊生活 衝浪男孩好滋味 (BBQ Fish, Ginger, Coriander & Chilli | Surfing the Menu S1E10)

1793 分類 收藏
陳廷國 發佈於 2016 年 11 月 5 日
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