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  • For the last few months, the FT has been following the progress of three Syrian refugees into Germany

    近幾個月內,FT 追蹤了三位試圖移居德國的敘利亞難民

  • Nazir Wakil, Abudalaziz Dyab, and Ahmad Al Soliman

  • All three are fleeing civil war and had applied for asylum in Germany


  • Two had their applications accepted but Ahmad Al Soliman is still waiting to find out what his fate will be

    兩位的申請已得到核可,但 Ahmad Al Soliman 仍面對著未知的未來

  • His application for asylum was rejected, because in 2014, he was fingerprinted and registered against his will by police in Hungary


  • Which means Germany can claim that's where he should be living


  • This is his ID card. The red line indicates that he must leave the country if his appeal fails


  • So let's use Ahmad's case to look at how the asylum system is working in Germany

    我們用 Ahmad 的案例來解釋德國庇護系統如何運作

  • Germany's federal office for migration and refugees, the BAMF, publishes monthly stats on the number of applications made for asylum, and the number of asylum decisions made by the authorities

    德國聯邦移民與難民局,簡稱 BAMF,每月發佈庇護申請件數以及被政府核可的申請件數統計數據

  • So you can think of this as a kind of process


  • Applications go in, decisions come out, which means a backlog can build up


  • In January 2014, there were over 14,000 applications, and more than 10,000 decisions

    2014年的一月有 14,000 申請件數,以及 10,000 申請結果

  • Let's look at how that picture changed over the next year and a half


  • Here are the number of decisions being made each month


  • You can see it's building over time


  • But here are the number of applications


  • Whenever the red line is hiding the blue line, it means there are more applications coming in than there are decisions coming out


  • By August 2016, that difference had grown to more than 40,000

    在2016年八月,這之間的差距已達 40,000 件

  • At the beginning of 2014, the backlog was just under 100,000 pending applications

    在 2014 年年初,累積件數不到 100,000 件

  • The number of pending applications has never dropped since February 2014

    這個數字自從 2014 年二月就從來沒有減少過

  • By August 2016, that number had grown to more than 565,000 applications

    在 2016 年八月,這數目已成長至 565,000 件

  • Now that Ahmad's case is being rejected, he's appealing in court

    Ahmad 申請失敗,所以他將上訴

  • In the first half of this year, there were more than 32,000 asylum appeal cases heard by the courts

    在今年上半年,有超過 32 萬庇護申請上訴案

  • Fewer than 5% of them ended in a positive ruling in favor of the applicant

    少於 5% 的申請人得到有利於自己的結果

  • Ahmad is still waiting to hear what his outcome will be

    Ahmad 仍等著看他的結果為何

For the last few months, the FT has been following the progress of three Syrian refugees into Germany

近幾個月內,FT 追蹤了三位試圖移居德國的敘利亞難民


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德國大量難民積壓 (Germany's massive refugee backlog)

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