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Hey everybody, this is JR.
Here I'm at VoiceTube today. This sounds interesting. I guess.
I grew up in the States and I came back to Taiwan when I was in fourth grade.
And I always remember, in English class, our teachers would make us recite the textbooks, like 背課文.
It was really a pain in the *bleep* (I'll just screen it myself, ok?)
I'm not saying that it's useless.
It's actually quite useful in various ways.
It helps you memorize the vocabulary, the sentences and stuff.
But it's just simply boring.
It's really really boring,
and I think a lot of students stop liking the language since that point on.
Just choose something that you like. Some fun stuff.
Music, that's one thing; a certain talkshow that you like, sit-coms...
and just put it on, watch it, listen to it, and just make yourself forget that you're actually learning.
Once you have the conscience of you're learning something, you don't get to learn it actually.
You just have to take it easy and relax. Chill.
You know, just start with any genre that makes you feel comfortable, any genre that you like personally:
electronic music, country music, pop, rock...
I personally like rock, like, you know... no? You don't? Nah forget it.
There are certain genres that I wouldn't suggest you to learn from, like rap, 饒舌
not because it's not good, but because sometimes it's really hard for you to understand what they're singing about.
"I'm in love with the co..." sorry it's just a bit inappropriate.
But anyways, as I said, just start with any genre that makes you feel comfortable.
And that will come easy, come naturally.
The artists that I like are usually positive, their lyrics are positive, their songs are good.
The songs usually have a story behind the lyrics, and the lyrics are more descriptive, the sentences are more intact,
so it's easier for you to pick up.
So for instance, I like Jordan Feliz in The Rising Star, Sidewalk Prophets, Lifehouse, Bon Jovi, Carrie Underwood...
those are my specific favorites.
So is there any SOP to learning English with music?
The answer is no.
Next question.
Well first, you've got to subscribe to my channel, which is "JR Lee Radio",
and Jerry, you're gonna put the subtitles right here, the link over here, you gotta make it a little bit bigger
so people can notice... maybe here... that big... is that good enough? Or maybe on my face? Ok.
Remember to subscribe to my channel. That's the first step always. Just kidding.
Step one. You've got to choose a song, and an artist that you like. A song that you like.
And second, you gotta let it grow on you.
You gotta make sure that there's enough English in the song that you can learn from, and then let it grow on you.
So when you're in the shower, you're having a shower, that's right, and the song hits you.
And when you're walking on the streets, the song hits you.
All of a sudden, it comes up to your mind.
That's how you learn English with music. Just naturally.
I do know quite a few free platforms which you can learn English with,
like my good friend's YouTube channel: Ray Du English 阿滴英文.
Is he gonna give me money for this? No? Don't mind
Don't learn from this. It's actually not that good.
There's also VoiceTube.
I'm not saying this because they're inviting me here today, but VoiceTube is actually a really good platform.
I use it sometimes myself, because it has the English and Chinese subtitles
and it has all kinds of topics which you can choose from on YouTube.
So, I personally use VoiceTube. And I'm not advertising for them. They're not giving me money,
which I'm really unhappy about actually.
And also, you can look at my channel, if you want to, JR Lee Radio, here... here... yeah that's right.
Those are free stuff, but if you really want to get deep, as I said, I personally like TIME magazine,
there's just so many topics that you can learn from,
and it's really up to date, so I personally like magazines.
And talkshows, as I said, Conan O'Brien, he's kind of weird though, but...
if you're weird too, you can choose that, okay? Like me.
But anyways, just to sum up for you, first of all, you gotta give yourself a very very good incentive.
It's a very strong motive for you to learn the language.
Then you have to have some good tools.
You can use music, talkshows, sit-coms, all kinds of stuff, as we've mentioned in the video.
Last but not least, always remember to use VoiceTube. And they did not pay me for that.
And subscribe to my channel.
I'm gonna see you guys next time, with my next video.



【達人教室】學英文好無聊?試試這樣聽音樂學英文! (ProTip // Let's Learn English Through Music! )

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