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  • Welcome from AC News,

  • let's see today's trailer

  • and cinema news is coming up!

  • The Australian trailer for the Universal adaptation of

  • Dr.Seuss The Lorax has made his way online,

  • giving much more emphasis on the themes that the first trailer did.

  • The fable is about a story that does not hide the message of environment or pollution.

  • Important names from Hollywood will lend their voices for the main characters:

  • Ed Helmes will be the Once-ler, Danny DeVito the Lorax, and

  • Zac Efron and Taylor Swift will be Ted and Audrey.

  • Scott Frank has been booked by GK films

  • to adapt and direct the british miniseries Unforgiven.

  • Frank was the director of The Lookout with star Joseph Gordon Levitt and

  • has also written Minority Report, with Tom Cruise.

  • Now he is working at this project that will se on the screen Suranne Jones,

  • Emily Beecham and Matthew McNulty in three short episodes.

  • The first original series was about a woman who while teen killed two policeman,

  • out of jail she goes and look for her sister who had been adopted.

  • But while she tries to live a quite life one of the policeman sons is out for revenge.

  • They asked Christopher McQuarrie to write the screenplay.

  • That's all for today,

  • see you soon from AC News!

Welcome from AC News,


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