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  • President Park Geun-hye has issued a public apology... and admitted her close ties with

  • a former aide, Choi Soon-sil, who has been mired in recent corruption allegations.

  • President Park said... that Choi, who has no government job, helped her on her key speeches.

  • Our Song Ji-sun starts us off.

  • The president began her statement by expressing her sincerest apologies to the people, saying

  • that it is common for politicians to ask for a variety of opinions during election campaigns,...

  • and it was the same in her case, regarding allegations that Choi Sun-sil was involved

  • in editing her speeches.

  • "During the presidential election, Choi played the role of expressing her opinion or impressions

  • of how my messages could be delivered in public speeches or press releases."

  • The president said she continued to seek Choi's help even after her inauguration... but added

  • that she stopped seeking Choi's advice after her secretaries were installed at the top

  • office.

  • "It was done out of the purest intentions, to be more thorough, for the people, but regardless

  • of that I truly am sorry for causing concern and hurting the feelings of the Korean people.

  • I express my deepest apologies."

  • After bowing to the camera, she left without taking questions from the press.

  • The case has been the source of controversy in recent days, and revolves around allegations

  • that Choi used her ties to the president to solicit donations from conglomerates for two

  • government-linked foundations in a very short period of time.

  • "As for how the classified documents were leaked and ended up in Choi's hands, the presidential

  • office said it is looking into the case... and that the president wants to clear up all

  • suspicions and communicate with the public regarding their disappointment and doubts.

  • Song Ji-sun, Arirang News."

President Park Geun-hye has issued a public apology... and admitted her close ties with


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樸總統為與助手共享文件道歉 (President Park apologizes for sharing documents with aide)

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