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  • Senior Democrats in the US have accused the head of the FBI James Comey of a partisan act over an email probe of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton


  • The top Democrat in the Senate, Harry Reid, questioned why Mr. Comey has announced the investigation just days before the presidential election


  • but ignored request to make public evidence linking Republican candidate Donald Trump to Russia


  • Bank of England governor Mark Carney is ready to serve an 8-year term, despite criticism from Brexit supporters


  • Friends of Mr. Carney say he wants to prevent damaging speculation and will make a statement on his future this week

    卡尼的好友們說明他可能於本週發布聲明,以終結他將於 2018 年去職的臆測

  • The governor has been accused of politicizing his post after the bank predicted the economy would suffer if Britain left the European Union


  • And garlic prices have soared to record highs in China


  • Speculators and poor weather over the past year have left Chinese garlic lovers struggling to afford the bulb


  • China now accounts for more than 80% of the world's garlic exports

    中國大蒜出口量佔全球的 80%

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美國聯邦調查局的電子郵件調查,馬克-卡尼|第一財經日報 (FBI's email probe, Mark Carney | FirstFT)

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