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  • Hey everyone welcome to this new 2min Japan video!

  • Today I want to talk to you about my Top 10 Favorite Ghibli Movies

  • Woohooo Excitement!

  • Number 10: Kiki's Delivery Service

  • I'm gonna be harsh but this is the one I like the least

  • WHAT?!!

  • It still is a very good movie though

  • I just didn't manage to fully get into the story

  • Maybe that's also because we kept joking about it with my friends


  • CAAAAAAKE!!!!!!!!

  • Number 9 Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

  • This one I always thought it ended abruptly

  • but I just love the look of it

  • I like the design where you feel that there's no straight lines

  • It kinda makes it look like a children's drawing

  • Or maybe the animator really sucked at drawing

  • By the way what the fuck happened to the american version of the song?

  • How can you turn that song:

  • Into this:

  • It's just fucking insane

  • And also: RAMEN!!!!!

  • Number 8: My Neighbor Totoro

  • Again I felt like it ended a bit too fast

  • but waow what an amazing children's movie

  • By the way did you know that the scene where the dad bathes with his daughters

  • caused a big shock when the movie got released in western countries

  • Oh my god this is outrageous!!!!

  • Number 7 and number 6: Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in the Sky

  • These movies talk about Castles

  • Number 5: My Neighbors the Yamadas

  • Just look at this style: super unique, it stays simple and funny

  • Simple and funny!

  • Number 4: Spirited Away

  • FUCK that movie is good!!!

  • The locations, the characters, the music

  • This movie is awesome

  • My favorite scene of them all is probably this one

  • Nothing has to be said, it's very poetic and the atmosphere is unique

  • If Disney would've made it, maybe it would've turned like that:


  • Plus, look at all this amazing FOOOOOOD

  • Number 3: Princess Mononoke

  • I know this is probably everyone's favorite

  • and honestly at such level of amazingness it's hard to say why it shouldn't be Top1

  • But I will try to explain why

  • You see Princess Mononoke, when it got released it

  • Got it?

  • Number 2: Grave of the Fireflies

  • That's the movie that made a lot of people go:

  • Cool! A kid's movie! Let's watch that!

  • One of the saddest movies I ever saw

  • very touching and beautifully directed

  • A must-see!!

  • And my Number One favorite Ghibli animation movie is:

  • Finding Nemo

  • The Wind Rises

  • "What??!" you are probably saying

  • I know this one isn't known for being the best Ghibli movie

  • but I got really touched by it

  • In fact it fucking touched me on the P*******

  • I got really invested in the story, could relate to the characters, and enjoyed the more "mature" theme of the movie

  • So which one did you like best?

  • Don't hesitate to give me your Top 10 Ghibli movies!

  • And see you in a few days for a new 2min Japan video!

  • Bye-bye!!

Hey everyone welcome to this new 2min Japan video!


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