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  • It's estimated that candy sales this Halloween will reach upwards to $2.5 billion dollars in the US.

    在美國,今年萬聖節的糖果銷售額估計會高達 25 億美元

  • In keeping within the bounds of this season's spookinesstoday we're looking at how

    為延續這個時節毛骨悚然的氛圍 — 今天我們要來看看

  • many pieces of Halloween candy, when eaten in one sitting, can kill the average person.


  • It isn't called candy if it isn't absolutely loaded with sugar.


  • The average American consumes around 22 teaspoons of added sugar per day, even though experts

    平均每個美國人每天消耗大約 22 茶匙的添加糖,儘管專家

  • suggest that men consume no more than 9 teaspoons, and for woman, only 6.

    建議男性一天不應該超過 9 茶匙,而女性則是 6 茶匙

  • Of course, all those added sugars haven’t come without a toll.


  • The National Institute of Health found that around 2/3rds of Americans are overweight,

    衛生研究院發現大約 3 分之 2 的美國人有過重的問題

  • and while there are varying factors that contribute to this problem, candy is most certainly putting its dent in it.


  • Table sugar, or sucrose, is a simple carbohydrate that is composed of two main parts: Glucose and Fructose.


  • Just like with High Fructose Corn Syrup, our bodies breaks this molecule down into these separate parts.


  • Glucose passes through the liver and is readily distributed about the body as your cells can use it for energy.


  • Fructose on the other hand sticks around in the liverthe only hardware in your body

    但是果糖會留在肝臟周圍 — 你身體內唯一

  • that can break it down into simpler pieces.


  • The liver then converts around 50% of the fructose into glucose, almost 30% into lactate,

    肝臟會將大約 50% 的果糖轉化為葡萄糖,約 30% 變成乳酸

  • and whatever remains gets stored as fat.


  • When you load up your body with sugar, all that glucose can't be used at once to power


  • your cells so it ends up being converted and stored in cells called adipocytes, or fat cells.


  • So you can see why all those added sugars end up having an extended stay right here (show belly).

    所以你可以看到為什麼所有的添加糖最後都會停留在這裡,並使它變大 (指肚子)

  • Candy can come with nuts and other treats inside, but let's focus on sugar for our hypothetical death by gluttony.


  • As the old saying goes, “the dose makes the poison.”


  • At high enough doses, sugar can be toxic.


  • But how much is too much?


  • We're going to need to look at the Oral LD50


  • the quantity per kilogram that can successfully kill half of an animal test population such as rats.


  • The LD50 of Sucrose is 29.7 grams per kilogram or 13.5 grams per pound.

    蔗糖的半數致死量為 29.7 公克 / 公斤,或是 13.5 公克 / 磅

  • The LD50 represents toxicity for things consumed ALL AT ONCE and it doesn't guarantee death


  • -- it's just what kills 50% of a population.

    因為它只殺死了總數的 50%

  • And since these numbers represent toxicity in rats, it's possible that sugar might be more or less toxic in humans.


  • Scientists often use approximations like these because getting the lethal dose of sugar or


  • other compounds in humans would be wildly unethical, for obvious reasons.


  • But if there is human testing for the LD50 for Nutella, SIGN ME RIGHT UP.


  • The average person in the US weighs around 180 pounds.

    在美國人均體重大約是 180 磅

  • That means that in order to reach the LD50, they would have to eat approximately 2,440 grams of sugar-- about 5.4 pounds!

    這代表為了達到半數致死量,他們必須吃下大約 2,440 公克的糖分,大約 5.4 磅!

  • But what does all this sugar mean in terms of a trick-or-treater's Halloween loot?


  • An average piece of fun-size Halloween candy packs 9.3 grams of sugar and runs you about 75 Calories.

    平均每一包萬聖節歡樂包糖果內有 9.3 公克的糖分,提供你大約 75 卡路里

  • So in order to reach the LD50, the average person would need to eat 262 pieces -- nearly 20,000 Calories!

    所以為了達到半數致死量,平均每個人必須吃下 262 包糖果,大約 20,000 卡路里

  • So how about in terms of a specific Halloween staple, candy corn?


  • A single piece contains approximately 1.5 grams of sugar which would put our lethal dose at 1,627 pieces.

    一顆內含大約 1.5 公克的糖分,所以要達到我們的致死量需要 1,627 顆

  • I could probably do it.


  • So now you know the numbers of an average person, but what about you?


  • Down in the video description there's a handy equation to figure out your lethal dose of both trick-or-treat candy and candy corn.


  • Post your numbers down in the comments, and have some fun with it.


  • We here Reactions love some candy, but look people, keep in good health and don't go overboard this year.

    我們 Reactions 的人都喜歡吃些糖果,但大夥,保持身體健康,今年別太衝動了

  • Make sure to check out this video on what happens when you eat too much, and while on


  • the topic of death, here's another video on what would happen to your body if you did


  • accidentally eat several hundred pieces of candy.


  • Hit thumbs up and subscribe on your way out, and we'll see you again soon.


It's estimated that candy sales this Halloween will reach upwards to $2.5 billion dollars in the US.

在美國,今年萬聖節的糖果銷售額估計會高達 25 億美元

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