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  • 哈囉我是滴妹!今天要來跟大家分享關於我的50件事!


  • Hello people, welcome back to our channel!


  • Today is a very special day so I’ve decided to do an English Corner video!


  • I will be sharing 50 random facts about me,


  • don’t forget to turn on the Chinese subtitles, and let’s cut to the chase!


  • My English name is Crown, and this is because the second character of my Chinese name is 冠.


  • People say that I look like a tall person in the videos, but I’m actually only 5 feet 2, which is 159.6 cm.


  • And yes, I must emphasize the .6, it makes all the difference.


  • I was born on October 27, 1992, which makes me 24 today!


  • I like anything that is sweet: cakes, candies, ice cream, chocolates, beverages.


  • You name it. I just have a SUPER DUPER sweet-tooth.


  • Normally when I drink bubble milk tea, I ask for full sugar,


  • and sometimes going a little bit more than full sugar.


  • I am a very very picky eater, I still eat some vegetables, but I hate a lot of veggies.

    我是一個非常挑食的人, 但我還是會吃蔬菜, 雖然我討厭很多蔬菜

  • My favorite food is meat and eggs. If you give me meat, I’ll be very happy.

    我最喜歡的食物是肉跟蛋. 如果你給我肉,我會非常開心.

  • I used to have asthma when I was a child, but then I outgrew it, now I sometimes have it when I’m sick.

    我小的時候有氣喘, 但是我長大後就好多了, 只會在生病的時候發作.

  • My favorite manga of all time is One Piece, but I don’t read the comics, I watch the anime.

    我最喜歡的漫畫的是海賊王, 但是我不讀漫畫, 我只看動畫

  • My blood type is B.


  • I know how to play the flute and the piano, but I’m not really good.

    我知道如何吹長笛跟彈鋼琴, 但是我不是很擅長.

  • I get sick very often, like on a weeklyor even daily basis?

    我常常生病,就像每週... 甚至每天要發生的事情?

  • It’s not so severe every single time, but you can definitely see me taking medicine like they are vitamins.

    每一次生病不會非常嚴重, 但你絕對會看到我每天都在吃藥就像在吃維他命一樣.

  • I learnt Japanese, French, Spanish before, back in middle school, high school and college respectively,

    我之前學過日文, 法文, 西班牙文,分別在我國中, 高中 , 跟大學時期 .

  • but theyre just not my thing.


  • But I know Korean and can do basic conversation.


  • I graduated from the English Department of Fu Jen Catholic University in 2015.




  • As you all probably know, I love singing but I can’t read the notes.


  • I probably just never really put my heart into learning to read them.


  • I can cook, but all very simple dishes.

    我會煮菜, 但是是非常簡單的食物

  • So every time we film at home, I’ll be cooking for lunch.

    所以當我們在家裡拍攝的話, 我會煮中餐

  • I don’t smoke and I’ll never smoke.

    我不抽菸, 而且從不抽菸

  • I have had natural curls ever since I was born, and so my hair is always kinda frizzy.

    我出生時就有自然捲, 所以我的頭髮一直都看起來捲捲的

  • I studied abroad in Singapore for four years at the age of 7,

    從7歲時開始, 在新加坡讀書4年.

  • and after that came back to Taiwan to study in an American school.


  • I have allergies. Especially in the nose.

    我有過敏, 特別是鼻子.

  • And that’s why I always carry a big pack of tissue whenever I go out.

    所以我出門時, 總是會帶大量的衛生紙在身上.

  • I love to read, I’m a typical bookworm, and that’s why: all the books back here.

    我喜歡閱讀, 一個典型看書的人, 所有書都在我身後.

  • As of right now, I own a total of 189 books on my shelves, and theyre all English novels.

    目前, 我的書櫃裡有189本書,全部都是英文小說.

  • My two favorite movies of all time is About Time and Pride and Prejudice.


  • I’m not really good at putting on make-up,


  • I just do the basic foundation, the blush, and my eyebrows, and sometimes eye-liner.

    我只會上基本的底妝, 腮紅, 畫眉毛, 有時候會畫眼線.

  • I think I look better with my glasses on, so you can say I don’t feel so confident without them.

    我覺得我戴眼鏡的時候比較好看, 所以當我拿下眼鏡時我會變得比較沒有自信.

  • I’ve never had short hair since 2nd grade in primary school.


  • I don’t exercise...cuz I’m lazy. (YES)

    我不運動... 因為我很懶惰.(沒錯)

  • I’m a little bit messy, but I swear I can almost always find what I want in my piles and piles of mess.

    我有一點亂, 但我發誓我是亂中有序.

  • I genuinely enjoyed the Twilight series when I read it back in high school.

    在我高中的時候, 我是真的很喜歡暮光之城系列的小說.

  • Winter is my favorite season.


  • I do a lot of impulsive buying. Yep, I’m not proud about that.

    我買了很多不該買的東西. 沒錯, 我一點也不驕傲.

  • Normally, I have two kinds of laughter. One when I really mean it.

    我通常有兩種笑聲. 一種是真實的笑聲.

  • And another when I’m laughing at something I think I'm not supposed to be laughing at.

    另一種笑聲, 是我認為我不應該笑的.

  • The second one goes like this. Herhahahaha.


  • Speaking of laughter, it makes me kinda sad when people criticize my laughter.

    其實當別人批評我的笑聲時, 我會蠻難過的

  • But I can’t help it, I just laugh easily.

    但是我忍不住, 我就是自然的笑了.

  • I have a small fetish with collecting shiny coins.

    我有一個小小的戀物僻, 就是收集一些閃亮亮的硬幣.

  • Ugh it’s so heavy.


  • I’m like a dragon, I like shiny stuff.

    我像隻龍, 我喜歡閃亮亮的物品.

  • Blankey! I own a small blankey, and it goes where I go.

    小被被! 我有一個小被被, 不管到哪裡我都帶著.

  • My grandma made it, and I have been using it forever.

    這是我阿嬤做的, 我會永遠使用它.

  • I hate it when people wash my blankey.


  • I don’t drink wine or beer cuz I don’t really like the taste, I would rather drink soda.

    我不喜歡喝紅酒跟啤酒,因為我不喜歡它的味道. 我更喜歡喝汽水.

  • I also don’t have a habit of drinking coffee.


  • If I were to drink one, it has to be like a decaf, and really sweet coffee.

    但是我會喝沒有咖啡因的咖啡, 還有很甜的咖啡.

  • I’m super bad at math.


  • I’m also bad at drawing. I can do stick figures but I think it would look pretty bad too.

    我也非常不會畫畫. 我會畫一些插畫, 但我認為也不是很好看.

  • I’ve always wanted to have a pet dog or cat


  • but I only had a pet hamster back in Singapore and I named him Rex.


  • My favorite novel genre is science fiction and fantasy.


  • If I devote my time and really focus on a book, I can probably finish it within 3 days?

    我把我的時間都花在小說上, 然後我可以在3天內把它看完?

  • I’m terrified of all kinds and forms of insect.


  • I’m scared of butterflies, ladybugs, moths, not to mention the other ones.

    我害怕蝴蝶, 瓢蟲, 蛾, 更不要說其它的昆蟲了.

  • I consider myself a very empathetic person.


  • I can really relate to other people’s feelings and would hope to console them.


  • Growing up I’ve always been in a Christian or Catholic environment. So, Christianity seems natural to me.

    我在基督教跟天主教的環境下長大, 所以我就自然而然成為基督徒.

  • My favorite color is blue, white, yellow.

    我最喜歡的顏色是藍色, 白色, 黃色.

  • Pink and purple are good,too. Green is also not badUh, I guess I like all kinds of color.

    粉紅色跟紫色也滿喜歡的, 綠色也滿喜歡的, 我猜我喜歡所有的顏色.

  • I am a very punctual person, I would not tolerate myself being late.

    我是一個非常準時的人, 我不能忍受我遲到.

  • I’m a very light sleeper. Most of the time, I can’t sleep with light or noise.

    我是一個淺眠的人. 大部份的時間, 只要有一點點光或是噪音我就會睡不著

  • But my brother would always come to my room while I’m sleeping and whisper "Are you sleeping?”


  • and I would jolt awake in shock and he would scurry away back to his room.


  • I don’t do that


  • You do that.


  • Last but not least, I aspire to be the kind of person who gives people strength and happiness.

    最後, 我希望能夠成為帶給人力量跟喜悅的人

  • So there you have it, 50 random facts about me.


  • Boom! In your face.


  • if you would like to know anything else about me, leave a question in the comment section down below.

    如果你想要知道其他關於我的事, 可以留在留言區

  • Also, please share with me one random fact about yourself! I would totally love to hear it!

    也可以跟我分享一個關於你自己的事, 我很想要看看喔~

  • 如果你喜歡這部影片,請幫我按個讚!


  • 那如果你想要看到更多影片,不要忘記點訂閱按鈕喔


  • 我們每個禮拜一跟四的晚上 9 點都有新影片喔!

    我們每個禮拜一跟四的晚上 9 點都有新影片喔!

  • 那我們在 FacebookInstagram 也都有帳號

    那我們在 Facebook 跟 Instagram 也都有帳號

  • 可以用 阿滴英文 或者是 Ray Du English 來搜尋到我們!

    可以用 阿滴英文 或者是 Ray Du English 來搜尋到我們!

  • And that’s a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always

    And that’s a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always

  • and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya~~~

    and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya~~~



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