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  • *Genji running

  • Soldier: 76: Get up maggot and secure the left flank.

  • Soldier: 76: Le'ts get this payload moving!

  • *Genji running

  • Genji: Haa?!

  • Hanzo: Hello brother.

  • Genji: Hh..hh..Hanzo! Haven't seen you in a while!

  • Hanzo: I see you have changed your look.

  • Hanzo: Did you do something with your hair ?

  • Genji: Ghhh... You did this to me brother!

  • Genji: You almost killed me!

  • Genji: And now I...

  • Genji: Am stuck

  • Genji: With this machine body...

  • Genji: For the rest of my life!

  • Hanzo:Can you still have sex ?

  • Genji: Ghhh...I am going to kill you!

  • Genji: Aaa!

  • Genji: You have always been better than me...

  • Genji: Remember when we were younger...

  • Genji: We used to compete all the time!

  • Genji: Dragon brothers... remember?

  • Hanzo: Genji... I have done terrible things to you...

  • Hanzo: Do you.. forgive..

  • Hanzo: Ghhaa!

  • Genji: Aaa...

  • Soldier: 76: Thank me later maggot!

  • Soldier: 76: Now let's take the objective!

  • Genji: Eat shit!

  • McCree: Easy boy...

  • McCree: Where do you think your'e going?

  • McCree: Have a seat.

  • Genji: Oh dear... I am in big trouble!

  • McCree: We're going to play a little game...

  • McCree: If you win... you live...

  • McCree: If you lose... You die...

  • *Genji is scared

  • McCree: I assume you don't know how to use this...

  • McCree: Let me show you... I'll go first.

  • Junkrat: This is our lucky day mate!

  • Roadhog: Haaa...

  • Junkrat:Come on don't just stand there and look... Hook him!

  • Roadhog: Hmmph...hmmph...Haa!

  • Junkrat: What the fuck was that you fat stupid pig?

  • Roadhog: Oink...oink!

  • Junkrat: Do I have to do everything around here?

  • Junkrat: Ha ha ha ha! I'm going to blow that tinfoil samurai to pieces!

  • Junkrat: He he he he...

  • Roadhog: Uhhh... boss...boss!

  • Junkrat: What do you want?

  • Junkrat: Oh...fu...

  • Genji: Ghh...hmpph...haa!

  • Genji: We... we won?

  • Genji: Oh thank you! Woo ho ho hoo!

  • Genji: We did it sir!

  • Soldier: 76: No...Genji...You did it...I'm proud of you...son...

  • Soldier: 76: Maggot! Maggot wake up!

  • Genji: Huh?!

  • Genji: What happened? D... oh...Did I die?

  • Genji: Is thi heaven... or hell?!

  • Soldier: 76: What are you talking about?

  • Soldier: 76: As I was saying... I'm proud of you... son...

  • Soldier: 76: You've served your country well today...

  • Soldier: 76: Hmmph... (crying)

  • Soldier: 76: Aahh I wont cry! I wont cry! I promised I wont cry!

  • Soldier: 76: I wont cry!

  • Soldier: 76: Ohh the mask! It doesn't like water!

  • Soldier: 76: Oohh it's burning my face!

  • Soldier: 76: Ohh...hhaa.. Shut up... I promised myself I wouldn't cry...

  • Soldier: 76: Oh god... it burns so bad!

*Genji running


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