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Oprah is here because, of course,
she's in Magic Michelle which was, you were fantastic.
>> It's hard to drop it that low like I said, yeah.
>> I know, and you did it >> Dropping it.
>> Man, you were really, really good.
So you're here on the lot for- you have a new show and it's called Queen Sugar.
>> Queen Sugar, which premieres tonight and I'm over on the lot.
Warner Brothers lot [APPLAUSE] doing a premiere party.
>> It's so- I'm telling this is so good.
I was texting her.
I watched the first one and I was like, oh my God, this is so good.
And I-
>> And then you said, I'm watching the second one and I'm watching the third one.
Send me some more.
>> I watched all three and I don't have any more, and I want more.
>> I'll get you more, I'll get you more.
>> There are 13 of them right?
>> 13 episodes, starting tonight.
>> It is so good, you're just hooked immediately.
>> Yeah, it's Ava Duvernay and I sat on my porch last year and
came up with this idea that now is coming to fruition.
And I am so excited about it and happy to celebrate it here on the Warner lot.
>> Y'all are gonna love it, it premieres tonight on OWN, right?
>> Yeah.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> 10 o'clock.
>> I have not seen you.
You are my neighbor, and you usually bring me some nice vegetables from your garden.
Where have you been all summer?
>> I was away with my girls.
You did see me.
It was earlier part of the summer remember?
>> Yeah. >> I was sitting around.
I have all these college girls that are you know.
And they said, isn't Ellen your neighbor?
And I said yeah. They go, can we go see her?
And we did.
>> Yes. >> We came to your house, and
you were nice enough to let us in.
>> Of course, I let you in.
>> [LAUGH] >> Um, Ellen.. Oprah is here.
No, don't let her in.
>> [LAUGH] >> No, those girls were so smart, super smart.
>> Yeah, yeah. >> All right.
So thanks for being here.
The show is called Queen Sugar.
It is so, so good.
It's on OWN. It premieres-
>> And you wouldn't say that if you didn't mean it, I know that.
>> I really would not. >> That's why when I got the text from you,
I went- Whoa.
>> Yeah. >> This is-
I just said Ava, Ellen likes it.
>> Yeah. >> Yes.
Thank you.
>> I would not say it if I didn't- I love it.
I love the cast, I love the music.
I love everything about it.
It's great and it should be a big hit.
>> Well, let me just say, 14 years- I know what that is, congratulations.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you. Thanks.
I love you. Oprah Winfrey, everybody!


ellen 脫口秀 (Surprise! Oprah's Here!)

324 分類 收藏
bridget02282013 發佈於 2016 年 10 月 22 日
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