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  • Popeye the Sailor

  • Ancient Fistory

  • Popeye, you varmint.

  • Fetcheth me my hat and cloak.

  • Hereth you are, boss.

  • Backeth to work you riff raff, while I goeth off to wed a princess.

  • Gee, I wished I was going to the ball.

  • I'm your fairy godfather.

  • Fetcheth me a can of spinach or you'll be late for the ball.

  • The ball! Oh, boy!

  • Gee, now I can go to the ball.

  • Just a minute. You can't goeth in them rags.

  • Wow! Toodeloo, and thanks.

  • Remember, returneth by midnight or ye'll change back to rags again.

  • Well what do you know? He disappeared.

  • Ye princess, Olive!

  • Allow me, fair princess.

  • Oh! Thank you.

  • Just trying it on for size, baby.

  • Cinderfella!

  • Oh!

  • Ah my cherie. Cometh with me to ye Kasbah.

  • Listen, you runt. I seeneth her first.

  • Soeth what!

  • Boys! Boys!

  • Now ye men who's besteth with ye bow and arrow, shall leadeth me down the straight and narrow.

  • Okay baby, we're as good as hitched right noweth.

  • Ye bulls eye!

  • Hmmm. Pretty good shot for an amateur.

  • Uh now, just watcheth this.

  • Ye real bulls eye!

  • Pistols at ten paces.

  • Oneth, twoeth, threeth, foureth, fiveth, sixeth, seveneth, eighteth, nineth...

  • Cuckoo. Twelve o'clock and all ain't well.

  • Get thee away from me. Ye, ye brute!

  • How about a kiss for your new prince, princess?

  • [screams]

  • Somebody do something! Saveth me! Help!

  • Ah, me princess. Now to collecteth me kiss.

Popeye the Sailor


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B2 中高級

[經典卡通 大力水手:"灰姑郎"]Ancient Fistory (1952)

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