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  • So, there is a rumor/'prank' going around that if you change the date on your iPhone

  • 6, or 6s to January 1st 1970... It will brick your phone.

  • Turns out this rumor is true. I have an iPhone 6 that I tried it on. After scrolling all

  • the way back to January 1st 1970, I turned off the phone... and all it would do is power

  • cycle when I turned it back on.

  • It would stay on the apple logo for a few minutes, then turn off, turn back on... and

  • stay stuck in the fruit loop forever.

  • Now... you'd have to be pretty silly to intentionally cause damage to an expensive cell phone...

  • BUT if you or someone else you know has accidentally fallen for this prank, there is a way to fix

  • it. One way is to take it to the Apple store and have them do their thing. If that is not

  • an option, a simple unplugging of the battery will correct the software issue. Once the

  • battery has been unplugged from the frozen device, the date and time will automatically

  • reset, giving you full access to your phone again. To remove the battery, there are 2

  • small pentalobe screws at the bottom. Then you need to GENTLY lift the screen away from

  • the device. It helps if you have a little suction cup to help lift up. Then there are

  • 2 more screws holding down the battery connection. Pop that off with a plastic pry tool. Wait

  • about 30 seconds before plugging it back in again.

  • Once that is finished, put everything back where it belongs, and your phone is as good

  • as new. The next time you need to time travel...better get an android.

  • I hope this video was helpful! Share this video with anyone who might be effected by

  • the glitch. Thank you for subscribing! I hope to see you around.

So, there is a rumor/'prank' going around that if you change the date on your iPhone


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1970年1月1日Bricked iPhone Glitch FIXED! (January 1, 1970 Bricked iPhone Glitch FIXED!!)

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